Class 150 Mini Sound Mod

  • by Bescot and ROB S
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TSW3 version added 14th September 2022: Important - you must remove the old "class150minimod.pak" to avoid any conflict issues.

I highly recommend the to run in conjunction with this mod as not only is the WCL route improved, but so are some of the class 150 cab control & warning sounds.

Changes to the Rivet version:

  • New brake block rubbing sounds.
  • Replacement cab occlusion so you can't hear cows mooing from a mile away inside the cab when the window is closed.
  • Run sounds which don't hide the engine sounds at speed.
  • Flange (from the 377 but they're better than the 150 ones)
  • Adjusted final brake squeal so it doesnt start looping at 10mph, instead as you come to a stop as IRL

Update 14/09/2022: Added TSW3 version which (as well as the above) brings:

  • Changed joint sound cues so it aliases the GWE Mk3's (see requirements section below)
  • New horn sound
  • Replacement engine audio to try to alleviate the pulsing sounds introduced by the devs in the September update
  • Rebalancing of train audio to suit

Thank you to Foob for pointing me to the text editor to repathe the sounds, and Muff for getting the unofficial editor working for me.

Overall, with limitations, you should now hear a two stage Voith gearbox.
If you feel the engine sounds are too quiet in the cab you can lower the droplight window as the window has 10 stages of volume control. In reality the engines are actually pretty quiet in the cab unlike in the passenger saloon.


-DTG London Brighton DLC to make use of the better flange audio (still compatible if you also have the ItsYa165 class 377 sound mod)
-DTG Great Western DLC for rail joint sounds (still compatible if you also have the ItsYa165 Mk3 sound mod)
-Rivet Cornwall Local route DLC

Installation Instructions

Drop ONE of the appropriate TSW2 or TSW3 pack into your DLC folder depending on which version of TSW you're using.

Tags: class-150 rivet sounds wcl


Bescot-RobS-TSW3-Class150minimod.pak 4 MB · Downloaded 794× Bescot-RobS-TSW3-Class150minimod2.pak 2 MB · Downloaded 230×

^ Experimental TSW3 version for 10 Jan 23. Removed muffled sound effect from engine sounds. If you try this one, you MUST remove any other versions if this mod.

Bescot-TSW2-Class150minimod.pak 875 KB · Downloaded 145×

^ TSW2 version

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 791 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Schnauzahpowahz

nice onnneeeee. cant wait to check her out

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 6 Apr 2022

Good job !

Avatar of Paris
Paris 7 Apr 2022

Nice! definitely needed this!

Avatar of meridian
meridian 9 Apr 2022

Nice Mod. Unfortunately i cant hear the flange sounds, anybody elese has this? I use a lot of mods, also the west cornwall enhancement, so not sure its coming from this one.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 9 Apr 2022

The WCL enhancement pack silences the default and this packs flange sounds. One for Spratty to update. Even if i give this mod priority by naming with a ! it still occurs unfortunately.

Avatar of meridian
meridian 10 Apr 2022

Thanks, i will mention the issue in his comment section.

Keep up the good work!

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 9 Apr 2022


Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 5 May 2022

This is absolutely fantastic. thank you for this. made it much better, love the brake squeal and brake rub changes.

Are you able to make the Brake Rub sounds louder, especially in brake step 1, can barely hear it. i have several in cab videos with the brake rub being noticable even in step 1 etc.

Also, it still accelerates in notch 1 at 70mph and above which is very unrealistic, are you able to alter this at all ?

Thanks again.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 6 May 2022

If I could edit it further, I would mate. Some things can be hex edited but I've not found how to alter the brake interlock or power profile, sorry

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 7 May 2022

The power interlock and the acceleration at high speed is probably one of the most annoying parts of it. Makes maintaining a high speed a nightmare constantly going on and off throttle. It makes such a jolt and huge rev up when coming back onto power, they just don’t drive like this in real life do they ?

If you could make the brake rub noise a little louder in step 1 though I’d be very grateful - thank you. :)

Avatar of dis0nored
dis0nored 28 May 2022

I really want to suggest a proper sound mod for the 150/2 because Rivet games aren't as good as Armstrong Powerhouse so the whole unit needs a change. I know you can't just take Armstrong Powerhouse's sound files but maybe there's another way?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 28 May 2022

Youre right the whole thing needs change, but only the devs can do things with simugraph as its not accessible by modders. if we could access or edit simugraph we'd be able to do much more, but for now a lot is out of our reach. Many of the the sounds are from AP but theyre not implimented in a way that sounds much like a sprinter. Eg for engine pitch / volume for each throttle notch; the fades and rev ups arent really set up in simugraph in a realistic way..

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 9 Jan 2023


Now that a fix for the acceleration has finally been released, the unit does act a lot better than in the past. i have a small request.....Is there any chance you could either release a separate version ( or alter the current example) where the external engine audio is slightly less 'muffled' if thats the word for it, and also include a louder tread brake block rub sound on brake step 1 as well as step 2 ( this is realistic accodding to all the examples I've heard'

The rest of the mod for the current TSW3 is superb - thank you.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 10 Jan 2023

Hi, try Bescot-RobS-TSW3-Class150minimod2 which I uploaded. You must delete the older version or it won't work properly. This has unmuffled engine audio. I increased rub sound a bit too, but I'm restricted as if I increase it any more then step 2 and 3 rub sound will distort.

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 10 Jan 2023

Thank you SO so much. This is just awesome. Please keep it as second option for download, I am sure many people will appreciate the different options.

Then only tiny thing would be the engine idle is a little quiet, but other than that it’s fab!! Totally transforms the unit.

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