[BVE5] JRW Osaka East Line NAVI-lization Patch

This mod was published WITH PERMISSION from the route author, Mc220-78. NOTE Mc220-78 has the right to call back the mod at any time if it was due to quality issue.
This mod does NOT claim itself 'realistic', instead it aimed to utilize the route and the NAVI system available, hoping to improve the service by providing more assistance.
Disclaimer: The picture was from the original Osaka East Line's folder, I will replace it with other picture if there is any copyright issue

This is the NAVI-lization mod for BVE5's Osaka East Route produced by Mc 220-78.
This mod will require several installment including the game and route itself and a vehicle that equipped the NAVI system, Detail was listed in the manual in .zip and the description below.

What does this mod do?
JR West accordingly equipped their vehicle with a NAVI system based on GPS that can advise driver on 'Incoming station' 'Incoming stop point' 'incoming line speed limit' and 'incoming junction speed limit'.
To represent this, Mc220-78 produced the JR West NAVI system patch for BVE5, allowing routes and vehicle be modified to represent operating with NAVI system.
However not every JR West route and vehicle available in BVE5 equipped with NAVI as it need manual edit to make it work.
I pick up the chance and choose to modify the Osaka East Line which also happens to be Mc220-78's product but not yet NAVI-lized.

What to download?
1: (If you DONT have the BVE5 installed): BVE5 at https://bvets.net/en/
2: (If you DONT have the Osaka East Line installed): Osaka East Line at https://mudamc22078.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-354.html
3: Download this mod itself
4: On the NAVI equipped vehicle, I used the newest JR West 207 series EMU by 3-Notch as example here and in manual: https://3notch-bve.jimdosite.com/ (NOTE: 3-Notch did NOT reply to my request on if I can use his vehicle as example, I will rewrite all section related in case he objected)

How to install?
0: In my mod, there is 2 manual (English and Japanese) and 2 .txt file (named as 'navi2477S.txt' and 'navi2477S_7car.txt'.
1: Put the 'navi2477S.txt' (or 'navi2477S_7car.txt') file in the folder of the Osaka East Line, specifically it should be put inside 'Mc220-78\JROsakae'.
2: INSERT the following line INSIDE file '2477S.txt' : ' include'navi2477S.txt';'. Ensure this added line was BELOW the line ' include'scenery.txt';', AND ensure the format was the same.
2.1: Section 2 above applies to 'navi2477S_7car.txt', swap the words accordingly.

What will happen?
0: You MUST use a vehicle that equipped with the NAVI system, such as the suggested 207 series as above.
1: As you approaching the station(s), you SHOULD at LEAST see NAVI flashing, AND/OR NAVI instructing by sound, AND/OR NAVI's screen showing diagram.
2: As you approaching the FINAL station, you SHOULD see reaction as (1) but related to speed limit.
3: IF you discover you missed ANY part, read the 'Known Issues' below.

Known Issues
1: IF the vehicle you choosed did NOT reference ALL the lines list in the 'Appendix 1' below, it will NOT be able to play the sound that was not referenced.
2: IF the vehicle you choosed has some conflict in the detail modules (dll), it might not work fully. However, most (if equipped by author) should work good enough to display some level of information.
3: Note the 'Incoming Stop' near the LAST station will NOT be displayed due to several speed reduction in area clogging up the sound channel.

Update Record
1.0: 2023-09-06 (1435): Test version created and send to original author seeking permission to distribute.
(Continuing on 1.0: 2023-09-13 (2010): Original author acknowledged and granted permission on distribute.)
(Continuing on 1.0: 2023-09-16 (2115): Page created and patch distributed.
1.1: 2023-09-27 (2124): Noting some might wish to use a 7-car vehicle and have the GPS display 7-car accordingly, I uploaded a file that display '7-car' instead of '6-car'.

Feel something went wrong?
I must remind that this patch merely provided a (somewhat) working) NAVI-lized experience on the Osaka East line WITHOUT claiming it was realisitc, nor I having any knowledge on how this should actually work IRL. I completed the mod based on the original author's example, guesswork and assumptions. I seek to ensure all station stops and speed limit be warned in time that ensure player drive safetly.
If you feel theres anything I should improve on, please kindly send email to fakekcrc@gmail.com . I assume it will likely be the beacons be placed at wrong locations, or wrong sequence, or there are some special arrangement that I'm not aware of.
Despite saying I did not intended to provide a 'REALISTIC' experience, I will be happy to work if there are any sources and guidance I can use to improve the mod TOWARD the side of realism.
Please do not hesitate if you wish to point anything that went wrong. But also please kindly include some direction on improvement so I know what I can do.

Appendix 1
(You vehicle should at least referenced these lines)

80 = ..\navi\sound\stop.wav
102 = ..\navi\sound\stop.wav
106 = ..\navi\sound\stop6.wav

126 = ..\navi\sound\prescribedstop6.wav

173 = ..\navi\sound\point45.wav

187 = ..\navi\sound\limit65.wav
189 = ..\navi\sound\limit75.wav

Appendix 1 explained
(Demonstrate with 3-Notch's 207 series)

  1. Check the vehicle file, which is 'Vehicle_0navi.txt' in this example.
  2. Check the referenced sound in the vehicle file, which this time says 'Sound= Sound\Sound0_navi.txt'.
  3. Find the sound file and check if it referenced the lines in 'Appendix 1' under the title 'ATS', the example does NOT reference all sound files.
  4. IF the file did not reference certain sound line, they could not be played in game. However, the NAVI should still flash itself despite lack of sound.
  5. You must DIY (if allowed) if the vehicle did not reference any of these sound file and you wish it could be played.


Additional Comments

Please note this mod does NOT need you to install the ORIGINAL NAVI Patch. However, I will put the link here in case anyone wish to investigate further on the NAVI system: https://mudamc22078.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-341.html

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