JR/SS SD40-2 Snoot CN #6008 (fictional)

This is a static numbered (6008) repaint of the JR/SS BN unit into a CN Zebra livery.


In order for this repaint to work, you need to have three payware and one freeware addons installed: (sorry guys)

-The JR/SS Burlington Northern SD40-2 Bundle:

-The JR/SS Union Pacific SD40-2/SD40N Bundle:

-The JR/SS Norfolk Southern Bundle SD40-2:

-Searchlight Simulations NATHAN K3L - CP horn:

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag the included "Assets" folder into your main Railwork directory, usually can be found here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

  2. Copy the file "Child_JRSD40-2_UP_Main.GeoPcDx" and "Child_JRSD40-2_UP_RoofDetails.GeoPcDx" from the "UP80´s" Engine folder, example path:


    ...and paste it into the "CN-6008" Engine folder.

  3. Copy the files "Child_JRSD40-2_UP_HornMount.GeoPcDx" and "Child_JRSD40-2_UP_K3LA.GeoPcDx" from the UPN folder, example:


    ...and paste them into the "CN-6008" Engine folder.

  4. Copy the files "JRSD40-2_NS.GeoPcDx", "Child_JRSD40-2_NS_Sinclair.GeoPcDx" and "Child_JRSD40-2_NS_MU_Plugs_Rear.GeoPcDx" from the NS folder, path:


    ...and paste it into the "CN-6008" Engine folder.

  5. Copy ALL geo files from:


    ...and paste them into the "CN-6008" Cabview folder.

  6. Copy the files "serial.dat" and "key.dat" from your BN folder:


    ...and paste them into the CN-6008 folder.

Additional Comments

This is a special repaint and much playing i did on the BN model. I originally made this for myself and not the public. thats why i didnt cared about those much requirements since i used all i have and wanted. I cant guarantee that this engine will work properly on your end. A few friends tested it without problems tho.

If you need to contact me, please visit my facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/SearchlightSimulations/

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Ranexz_Official 7 Jun 2023

we cant have the requirement, can you do it but with the sd40-2 kuju one please ?

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