This is the NJT-NJC ALP45-DP DIRTY" Reskin To give the rails a little more taste "

What you get"


Since It has dual Mode the player can switch between Electrice & Diesel"
Look for it in-game when your finished here"

To Install:

Copy the folder: RailVehicles to


Remember this is a Reskin & Not the original"

If you already have a folder called: RailVehicles "

in most cases it will overwrite the foler & may ask you for permission

If you don't have a folder Called: RailVehicles" you need to create One!

Don't Forget to copy your Default GeoPcDx Files so the Engine Can appear in your Game!


Oh one more thing

The NJT Multilevels,GP40-2, Comet Vs Are Next up

Stay tune"


The NorthJerseyCoast Pack is Required"

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NJT ALP45-DP DIRTY.zip 19 MB · Added 23 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 100×


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Boomaglev 24 Nov 2022

A m a z i n g ! Can you do the same for Comet IV's and V's?
Edit: my bad for not reading description, excited to see them!

Avatar of NJTransitCommuterRail

The Comet V is being approved The Comet IV is in the works as well as the multilevels

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Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022


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Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022

I also suggest making better Textures for the comet IV's if you can, it'd be nice!

(original is just way too dark)

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Yeah I agree" a little overkill"

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022

Your choice bud

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Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022

wdym by being approved tho?

Avatar of NJTransitCommuterRail

By being approved in other words "to wait until they make it available to download on the TSC"

The Comet V was submitted on the TSC a day ago but not available yet"

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Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022


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Ryan Chao 25 Jan 2023

Hi there. My North Jersey Coast pack doesn't come with GeoPcDx files of the assets despite them appearing in game. What can I do to get this to appear in my game?

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Boomaglev 21 Apr 2023

Try extracting the ap file because the ap has all the assets

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