This is the NJT COMET V DIRTY" Reskin To give the rails a little more taste "

What you get"

Dirty Old" for the comet V

Look for it in-game when your finished here"

It will just be called" Dirty Old" In-game

To Install:

Copy the folder: RailVehicles to


Remember this is a Reskin & Not the original"

If you already have a folder called: RailVehicles "

in most cases it will overwrite the foler & may ask you for permission

If you don't have a folder Called: RailVehicles" you need to create One!

Don't Forget to copy your Default GeoPcDx Files so the Engine Can appear in your Game!


Oh one more thing

The NJT Multilevels, GP40-2, Comet Vs Comet IV" Are Next up

Stay tune"


The NorthJerseyCoast Is required"

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NJT COMET V DIRTY.zip 32 MB · Added 25 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 107×


Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022

Idk why but my heart nearly stopped when i saw how weathered this thing is

Avatar of NJTransitCommuterRail


Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 25 Nov 2022

btw do you know of any NJT "main line" route that connects back onto the bergen? ive been looking for one for a while now

Avatar of Ace's TS mods
Ace's TS mods 16 Dec 2022

can you try to reupload that charger pack please?

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