Amtrak AEM-7 DIRTY Reskinz

This is the AEM-7 DIRTY" Reskin To give the rails a little more taste "

What you get"


Look for it in-game when your finished here"

It will just be called" DIRTY" In-game

To Install:

Copy the folder: RailVehicles to


Remember this is a Reskin & Not the original"

If you already have a folder called: RailVehicles "

in most cases it will overwrite the foler & may ask you for permission

If you don't have a folder Called: RailVehicles" you need to create One!

Don't Forget to copy your Default GeoPcDx Files so the Engine Can appear in your Game!


Oh one more thing

The NJT Multilevels, GP40-2, Comet Vs Comet IV" Are Next up

Stay tune"


You Need the NorthEastCorridor Add-on & is required"

Tags: amtrak-aem-7


Amtrak AEM-7 DIRTY 15 MB · Downloaded 42×


Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 10 days ago

Can you do a coaster charger??? PLSS

Avatar of NJTransitCommuterRail


Avatar of a random western Railfan.

bro do you mind stop begging

Avatar of a random western Railfan.

like seriously its getting on everyones nerves Acetrain. you must know that.

Avatar of Ace's TS mods 2
Ace's TS mods 2 8 days ago

do you mind sending me charger pack? via email:

Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 8 days ago

btw that is my second account also if you can send it tell me when u did

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