JR/SS SD40-2 CP #5865

This is the remastered version of my static numbered (5865) and weathered CP SD40-2 repaint.

This project was done in colleboration between Ray Preyma (The Batman) and me.

Thanks to my friend Dominic Hinson for testing this repaint.

Changes are:
Better texture quality and new "Pacman" scheme.
Realistic font for reporting mark and numbers.
more realistic weathering.


-The JR/SS Union Pacific SD40-2/SD40N Bundle:

-Searchlight Simulations NATHAN K3L - CP horn:

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag the included "Assets" folder into your main Railwork directory, usually can be found here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

  2. Copy all the ".GeoPcDx" files from the UPN "Engine" folder, path:


    ...and paste the files into the CP-5865-Pacman "Engine" folder.

  3. Copy all the ".GeoPcDx" files from the UPN "Cabview" folder, path:


    ...and paste them into the CP-5865-Pacman "Cabview" folder.

  4. Copy the folder called "Scripts" from the "UPN" folder and paste it into the "CP-5865-Pacman" folder.

  5. Now u are ready to go.

Additional Comments

Now the rear headlight texture is fixed, i painted it black as it should be.
If you already got this repaint simply download the file called "CP-5865-Pacman-Fixed Texture" and replace the textures.
If you didnt got this repaint before u are fine with only downloading the "CP-5865-Pacman-Fixed Texture" and install it as the readme says.

Tags: canadian-pacific cp jonasson-bacon jrss sd40-2 searchlight-simulations


CP-5865-Pacman-Fixed Texture.rar 36 MB · Added 26 Apr 2021 · Downloaded 149× CP-5865-Pacman.rar 36 MB · Added 8 Jan 2021 · Downloaded 187×


Avatar of Railroader
Railroader 9 Jan 2021

Very nice! Great to see the CP skin

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 10 Jan 2021

I can’t get the horn to work. I got it from searchlights and installed it with the utility’s manager. Bell works but no horn. Thanks!

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 8 Feb 2022

Cant get the horn to work on the V3

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 8 Feb 2022

false alarm i got it

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