The Harrogate Loop V2.3

The Harrogate Loop V2.3 for Train Simulator is a network of lines in West and North Yorkshire and features the stunning Harrogate Loop from York to Leeds via Harrogate and also the Leeds direct line through Cross Gates and Church Fenton. Additionally Version 2 of the Harrogate Loop also adds in the line from Church Fenton to Milford Junction and Gascoigne Wood meaning there's much more scenario potential.
This route also finally fulfils the initial goal of the TPR Team to create the Harrogate Loop,a route which began way back in 2010!


Background Info:
In 2010 The Transpennine Route was begun by Jim Nobbs (AKA Nobkins) creating a substantial rail network spanning coast to coast between Liverpool and Scarborough. Along with that all railway lines in between were included such as the ECML from York to Doncaster, Leeds to Bradford and the Calder Valley and much more. The route had a team over the years of 23 different contributors. People came and went all leaving some valuable work behind them. The main route focus for the beginning release was to be Neville Hill - Leeds - Harrogate - York. Sadly the project never saw the light of release and got shelved in 2014. In July 2016 Tom Harrison decided to open the Harrogate Loop once more and began to update the scenery to bring it up to current standards. As of 2019 the Harrogate Loop was considered shelved with no plans to complete it however Lewis Cox kindly contacted Tom during the first Covid lockdown and thanks to furlough, he had enough time to bring you everything that is new to Version 2!

What's Included:

  • Around 75 route miles featuring the lines from York to Leeds via both Cross Gates and Harrogate,as well as additional scenery to Milford Jn
  • Wide variety of scenarios including all manner of operations across the route
  • Comprehensive set of Quick Drives provided by DP Simulation
  • 30 scenarios covering a wide variety of operations - scenario supplement included to detail the requirements for each

The full list of requirements is at the bottom of the page in the attached PDF files


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Harrogate Loop V2.3 Scenario Supplement Document.pdf 815 KB · Added 2 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 305× Harrogate Loop V2.3.pdf 3 MB · Added 2 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 633× Harrogate Loop 2 GB · Added 2 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 469×


Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 8 Apr 2024

Many thanks, the line is fabulous!
After going through RWtools, all I need are a few assets:





Denis, France

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 17 days ago

Missing the exact same assets here! Following if you get an answer.

Avatar of Spikee1975
Spikee1975 23 May 2024

Great work!

Though scenario 6M16 is broken (but the fix is easy.) Due to the rolling start, you're off path right from the start (you are then on 1P22's path).
Disabling HasRollingStart fixes this.

Avatar of the bhoys
the bhoys 25 days ago

hi i have installed this however thire are scenery missing in places i have all the requirements

Avatar of On Track Simulation

Have you got your scenery density settings set to 10. Also are your requirements upto date?

Avatar of the bhoys
the bhoys 25 days ago


Avatar of the bhoys
the bhoys 25 days ago

is this what selby and the area is suppposed to look

Avatar of On Track Simulation

That will be because Selby currently has no scenery. This is however being built by one of the OTS developers for a release in the future, You will need to head back to an area mentioned in the manual with scenery.

Avatar of the bhoys
the bhoys 24 days ago

right fair enough

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