ES44/Dash9/SD70 Traction Effort/HP fix

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Adds (hopefully) correct Horse Power and Traction Effort for ES44,Dash9 and SD70.

Currently supported DLC:
Sherman Hill
Donner Pass
Marias Pass

Version 1.1:
Now supports: Canadian mountain passes, The Alaska Railroad, SD70Pack02, SD70MSPPack01, SD70NSHP, SD70UPHeritage, dash9Pack01, SD75Pack01, ES44NSHP and ES44BNSFPack01.

Installation Instructions

Unzip and drag the "Assets" folder to your Railworks folder.

Additional Comments

Now you can haul 4 mile long trains on 1 loco (please don't, i'll laugh if you get passed 30mph :D).


TE HP fix 64 KB · Added 18 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 410× TE HP 28 KB · Added 17 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 248×


Avatar of pooch
pooch 17 Feb 2022

I am getting some noisey squeeling going on . BNSF ES44DC on Marias Pass

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 17 Feb 2022

Did you add sand? Or how are you building your trains

Avatar of pooch
pooch 18 Feb 2022

I adding sand and Im just running activities with the units that have this TE HP fix .

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 18 Feb 2022

Oh okay, my next question would be, how are you building your consists?

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 18 Feb 2022

I'm aware of the issue, not sure why it does that.

Avatar of pooch
pooch 19 Feb 2022

I'll wait for a fix.

Avatar of pooch
pooch 19 Feb 2022

I take it we need original and both fixes to work,since I removed and reinstalled the originals,thanks.

Avatar of Devo_Buddy
Devo_Buddy 19 Feb 2022

Why is my chrome blocking this download file?

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 19 Feb 2022

@Devo_Buddy, not sure :(

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 19 Feb 2022

@pooch you only need v1.1 :)

Avatar of pooch
pooch 20 Feb 2022

Thanks I'll get to it over the weekend

Avatar of Jeragon186
Jeragon186 16 Jul 2022

I'm having the same problem too. It might be one of Searchlight Simulation's assets because it was like that before I downloaded this patch when I went from N1 to N2 too early. It'll make a screeching nose when the Amps are > 810. What I did notice is that; before this patch, going from N1 to N2 below 10MPH, the amps would rise to 912 and stay there until you're faster than 10mph. However, with the patch, it'll rise to 932 then dip down to around 405 and then rise back up until 15mph then the screeching stops after 17mph.

Avatar of xclusive
xclusive 20 Feb 2022

how much correction did this do? lol my train derails as soon as i throttle up to notch 2 after i installed this (shortened the train too)

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 4 Mar 2022

how many locos/cars were you using ?

Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 20 Feb 2022

Can you do the CN ES44

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 4 Mar 2022

I don't know its file structure so I'm not able to.

Avatar of Retlaw121
Retlaw121 16 Mar 2022

Are these compatable with the SS enhancements?

Avatar of AR Mods
AR Mods 1 May 2022


Avatar of BNSFTraindude
BNSFTraindude 25 Feb 2023

Hello When I try To Use This It Crashes My Sim I try to use any locomotive and it just crashes i do have some sound mods how to fix so i can use this

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