1st gen K5LLA ( Searchlight Style)

This was my first time making a horn in searchlight simulaiton style
I reccomend it on the UP SD70ACe or NS SD70m-2 @centraljerseyrailfan helped me a little with this project.


reccomended on the NS SD70M-2 ( SD70v2 pack) and the UP SD70ACE

Installation Instructions

use the read me.txt

Additional Comments

I would like to thankj Centraljerseyrailfan for helping me make this horn


K5LLA_Early.7z 5 MB · Added 23 Jan 2022 · Downloaded 478×


Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

Central just asking can you maybe do the Techguie you did with the CSX Pride Units Horns but make NS 1070's Southern P5?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

I don't intend to at the moment.

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