SS Amtrak P42DC #161 K5LA

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A very nice doppler effect of the K5LA on Amtrak #161.
Update V1.1: Improved quality of sound. Less grainy at distances.


Searchlight simulations folder.
TRS Amtrak 50th anniversary pack (optional for AMTK #161):
For the repaint to work you need the base TRS repaint: For this to work you need the DTG P42:

Installation Instructions

Paste the assets file into your railworks directory, then change the directory in whatever locomotive your using and change it to the specific directory.

Additional Comments

I will be providing updates to improve sounds.
I do take requests, leave a comment.

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Avatar of ooiuho
ooiuho 23 Jun 2022

I will install instead of the horn of P42DC TRS What do you have to do?

Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 1 Sept 2022

can u do 184 pls

Avatar of UnlimitedRail
UnlimitedRail 27 Apr 2024

is there a chance you can do an SC44 horn?

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 11 May 2024

Ill look into it

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