SS Amtrak F40PH/NPCU 80's K5LA

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LOTS OF ECHO, almost sounds lifelike. Automatic Quill at the beggining of each press, horn will echo for a minnimum of 8-10 seconds at long distances.
I include a few extra sounds but for the best horn I recommend using the default.

The file with "SHORT" has shorter "B" files so the horn doesnt seem to go on forever. The original is still there.

Update v1.1: Major overhaul in sounds up close, sounds way better than the previous ones. If you already installed this I reccomend re-installing just the sounds.


Searchlight folder
Any locomotive

Installation Instructions

Paste the assets file into your railworks directory, then change the directory in whatever locomotive your using and change it to the specific directory. The file with "SHORT" has shorter "B" files so the horn doesnt seem to go on forever. The original is still there.

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I will include updates.
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Avatar of IronSet
IronSet 5 Mar 2022

It automatically sounds the horn at a certain distance, you might wanna check it out. It is pretty good however, as it fits the MBTA F40 repaint (in my opinion). It also goes well with the horn I put on the MBTA MP36H.

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 27 Mar 2022

hmmm. I think its because of how long the end sounds are at longer distances. When you blow the horn up close then back away itll sound the end horn file then. I can make it shorter if you think thats better.

Avatar of Hans
Hans 9 Apr 2022

Yo hate to be that guy but can you explain it a bit better for me I completely confused even though its probably not that confusing and im just being dumb

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 10 Apr 2022

No worries, first you’ll need a couple of things, the download and ts tools. Drag the file into your railworks directory just called “railworks” overwrite if needed. Next find whichever locomotive your changing the horn on and open the .bin file that usually is named like this :(locomotive name) horn. Scroll down until you see where the original horn pathway, here’s an example: Audio\something\something\something. Change that to the new directory of the new horn which will be, searchlightsimulations\nathanairchime K series, Amtrak K5LA, K5LA horn control. It won’t be exactly like that but similar. If this is complicated you can also search on YouTube. Hope this helps.

Avatar of Hans
Hans 15 Apr 2022

It somewhat did I've been at it for 2 days now and all the videos I pull up pretty much say to replace the old files with the new ones then rename them to what the old files say yet whenever I do so it doesn't work so I pretty much gave up

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 16 Apr 2022

youll figure it out, takes everyone a bit to understand.

Avatar of aiden0928
aiden0928 11 Jun 2022

you should to make Metra Milwaukee District West Line

Avatar of AMTKfan 457
AMTKfan 457 16 Jun 2022

For some reason my keybinds for my horn and bell (space and b) don't sound either things. Idk if it is a glitch or my doing, either way, please help!

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