EMD 16cyl 567 Engine Sound Enhancement Pack (V1.5 HIS ATSF & PC Pack Update)


V1.5 features the following change (7/22/22)

-High Iron Simulations ATSF and PC retro packs now supported



  • 3DTrains Warbonnet F7
  • DTG Clinchfield F7 & GP7
  • DTG California Zephyr FP7 & F9
  • DTG Soldier Summit GP9
  • HIS ATSF Retro Pack F3, F7, & GP7
  • HIS B&O Retro Pack GP7, GP9 & F7
  • HIS Chessie Retro Pack GP9
  • HIS PC Retro Pack GP9, GP9B, & FL9
  • HIS Western Maryland Retro Pack F7 & GP9
  • HIS Mountain Subdivision GP9
  • HIS Hanover GP9
  • MPS Wasatch Grade F7
  • Kuju F7
  • DTG Donner Pass F7 & GP9
  • DTG Bloody Nose F7
  • DTG Empire Builder F7
  • DTG Big Sky Blue F7
  • DTG GP9 Standalone
  • DTG Horseshoe Curve F7 & GP7
  • DTG Kingwood Branch GP9
  • DTM Western Maryland BL2
  • MPS Mt Shasta SD9E
  • Reppo New Haven E33 AI GP9
  • VNH Springfield Line GP9
  • GreatNortherner GP5, GP7 & GP9 (Freeware)
  • GreatNortherner SD7 and SD9 (Freeware)
  • Heavyeagle DSB MY (Freeware)
  • DTM EMD F3

Installation Instructions

Drag the included folders to your Railworks installation, which can be found on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets for example.
Overwrite if prompted to do so. Back up original files as you see fit in case you butcher up your installation.


EMD 16cyl 567 Engine Sound Enhancement Pack.7z 118 MB · Added 22 Jul 2022 · Downloaded 1,673×

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Avatar of gpman08
gpman08 28 Jun 2021

love that sound.

Avatar of Gulfcoast_aviation™

This brings so much life to an incredibly dated sound set. This is a must for all GP7/9 drivers in sim! I'd love to see this converted to be used on the E and F units in a future mod!

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

They will not be supported because they use a different prime mover type. 12-567 dual is what the E8 has

Avatar of Kommandant
Kommandant 16 Sep 2021

I suggest using the sounds from the TruRail Simulations CNW E8. As far as I know, those are the only dual-567 sounds out there for TS.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 11 Nov 2021

they dont work for me,i have the same kuju f7 sounds

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

it requires user modification to do so

Avatar of kris120
kris120 13 Jan 2022

More precize:
The audioblueprints there load the Geo from Donnerpass. If Donnerpass is not present, then the body model of the F7 is not loaded. Taken out it's ok .

Avatar of Svaroga84
Svaroga84 1 Aug 2021

I have the Clinchfield addon. The sounds seem to work on my F7, but the B units are not showing up for some reason. TS2021

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

I need to apply the sounds to the CRR GP7, just need to get a hold of the audio directories for it

Avatar of Mark
Mark 24 Aug 2021

Can you help me with this I'm horrible I followed the directions and the sounds work but no the locos don't show up in a scenario.

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

Follow the readme instructions

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 11 Sep 2021

dosent work for me with the NH gp9s if i use them with this mod they turn invisible .

Avatar of Kommandant
Kommandant 16 Sep 2021

This is a common error if you do not have the correct "SoundEmitter" file. You will want to make a set of folders called Audio, then Markers. In the Markers folder, drag and drop a SoundEmitter.geopcdx and its associated Textures file from some asset you already have. Then change the line of code in your EngineSound.bin, and you should be good. For whatever reason, the pack references a file from Donner Pass, and the game engine can't find it because you probably don't have Donner Pass.

Avatar of GrantsTrains
GrantsTrains 25 Sep 2021

Could this be why my loco's don't work? I'm going to try it and see what happens.

Avatar of GrantsTrains
GrantsTrains 25 Sep 2021

No I haven't figured it out it would be a major help to know how to fix it.

Avatar of Big Ben
Big Ben 4 Nov 2021

I also have this issue, but it is only the Springfield GP9's, and I do have Donner Pass. Is there something else that I can try?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

@Kommandant thank you for bringing that up, i shall resolve that in a future update

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 8 Nov 2021

Thats not possible i have donner pass i have it since ts 2014 steam edition.
Edit: Nvm i downloaded the updated version and recently tested and saw it works no more invisible gp9.

Avatar of dell
dell 19 Sep 2021

does it work for clenchfield railroad?

Avatar of GrantsTrains
GrantsTrains 25 Sep 2021

I am using the HSC Addon for this sound mod and now the loco wont show in game its invisible but with floating coupalers. This is also true for my other F7's. Does anyone else know how to fix this because the sounds are nice but it would also be nice to have a visibale locomotive. Also the cab shows but not the exterior body.

Avatar of PhUnKi_Ro0sTa
PhUnKi_Ro0sTa 1 Nov 2021

Was wondering, could it be possible to have on the earlier F7s/G7s (Horseshoe Curve/Clinchfield) a Leslie A200 or equivalent horn?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

They will receive the correct horns in a future update.

Avatar of AverageSCPSLEnjoyer

How do you activate the quill of the M5?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

Not quillable atm, would be too much work to do so. I may consider adding the quill to only railroad specific units that actually had M5s like maybe Western Maryland, Western Pacific, Baltimore & Ohio, and Chesapeake & Ohio

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 18 Dec 2021

What files would you have to replace if I want to mod an engine with the sounds before the next update comes out for the B&O pack?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan


Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 18 Dec 2021

Is this gonna get updated for the b&o retro pack?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan


Avatar of bob_
bob_ 21 Dec 2021

Hello, I downloaded this pack and followed the directions(twice)but whenever I load the FL9 on the NEC, it says "Scenario unable to load".

Avatar of FetusDiabetus
FetusDiabetus 22 Dec 2021

I followed instructions multiple times as well but I'm getting invisible locos.

Avatar of bob_
bob_ 25 Dec 2021

I forgot to mention, Im getting invisible locos on the VNHRR GP9.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 9 Jan 2022

I was having the invisible locos too, it was something related to Donner Pass route and the FL9. If you don't have both of them locos invisible.

Avatar of regis902
regis902 31 Dec 2021

Hello, thanks for your work on this pack. I have run into one issue with the B&O Mountain Sub stock and I thionk it's releated to the braking scripts those locomotives use (the brakes done by Mike Rennie). My issue is that when releasing the brakes or putting it into lap there is a sound effect that playes repeatedly very quick. As far as I can figure out this is because the way the braking system works you can see the brake status moving rapidly back and forth between Apply and Hold Lapped, or Release and Applt depending on what you're trying to do. This seems to be triggering the "AIR_TrainBrakeRelease.wav" and "AIR_TrainBrakeApply.wav" repeatedly at a very higher frequency of repetition creating a loud sound pretty hard on the ears.

I tried copying over the sound effects mod to the B&O Retro Pack F7s and had the same issue...I think it just comes down to tweaking how the train brake sounds are triggered for these specific locomotives but now I'm getting beyond my knowledge level.

Thanks again for this great sounds pack, hopefully this is something that can be worked out.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 9 Jan 2022

I have that issue too, it's super annoying.

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

This issue has since then been fixed with the latest version

Avatar of regis902
regis902 12 Mar 2022

Excellent, thanks!

Avatar of TplMeads
TplMeads 1 Jan 2022

Very nice sound mods. However, FL9 (NH) shows and drives, but no loco sounds at all, and I have to use F2 key to overcome "tracks.bin" file missing at the start of existing scenarios.
I am not yet very "file editing savvy", but if someone were kind enough to share how-to-fix instructions I can do it. I use TS tools regularly, Notepad++ whenever necessary to see what's inside, and I've been know to occasionally use the "serz" file.
Thanks in advance to any kind souls out there.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 9 Jan 2022

It works for me, try verify integrity of game files.

Avatar of Thor
Thor 27 Mar 2022

Indeed there seems to be little typo in the EngineSound.bin for the FL9. The file references to "CentralJerseyRailfan\16-645BC_SP\Audio\RailVehicles" folder, but the proxyfile actually is located in "CentralJerseyRailfan\16-567_SP\Audio\RailVehicles* folder.

After adjusting this, the sound works for me. Only one problem I do not understand - once the Roots Blower sound starts playing, it does not stop playing in external view. In Cabview, the sound is fine.

Avatar of PhUnKi_Ro0sTa
PhUnKi_Ro0sTa 9 Feb 2022

We need on the HSC/Clinchfield/FRC F7s, WM BL2, and B&O retro pack a Leslie A200/Wabco E2 horns.

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

I will be putting that in the next update that should be coming out shortly. Thanks for the notice!

Avatar of Hoosiermike91
Hoosiermike91 18 Feb 2022

When i had the beta version it was working great but now when i put the new and complete one installed it crashes my game when i try too build a quick drive. i put the old beta back on and now runs fine any idea as of why it would be doing this?

Avatar of PhUnKi_Ro0sTa
PhUnKi_Ro0sTa 1 Mar 2022

im guessing this will be updated to allow these sounds on the new DTM F3 thats due to be released soon?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

Yes, the DTM F3 will be updated accordingly when that comes out.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 1 Mar 2022

Wow thanks a lot for the update new horns good and new 645 on YR GP9 and Fl9, cant wait for F3 compatibility.

Avatar of Drizz
Drizz 2 Mar 2022

By any chance, do you know the name of the vaporwave file is? After I installed it, my consist editor stopped working, so i wanna find it and delete it.

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 6 Mar 2022

I removed this pack...not compatible with the built-in Consist editor...(it crashes the game) ...when that is fixed I will try it.

Avatar of LP
LP 31 May 2022

Fwiw it's not going to be fixed (at least not intentionally).

Avatar of TplMeads
TplMeads 10 Mar 2022

I just tried it with the new DTM's F3. Great job. However I get some strange sound effects when releasing the brakes. Tbh I only tried one of the included Wasatch scenarios, with the UP F3, haven't tried any of the others yet.
At any rate, thank you for sharing this with us.

Avatar of Madison Trains
Madison Trains 12 Mar 2022

it broke my consist editor

Avatar of LP
LP 31 May 2022

They are not compatible with each other

Avatar of zacke
zacke 19 Mar 2022

When I try to run the DTM Western Maryland BL2 the game just chrash every time when loading...
Deliting your files, the BL2 load and everything works perfect again!?!?


Avatar of LP
LP 22 Mar 2022

i'll put out a quick fix for this

Avatar of tntrainer
tntrainer 24 Mar 2022

Thanks for your and your henchmen's efforts on making the sim better. Please enjoy this video I created to show everyone interested, in using the sound mods on the locomotives, how great they are. Also to show you your work is appreciated. Engine reskins available on RWA. Route is my own creation.

Avatar of 120 Driver
120 Driver 26 Mar 2022

Awesome sound set, like night and day! I'm having one small issue, which is that on units equipped with them, the dynamic brakes seem to be completely silent. Does anyone else have that problem? Is that by design?

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

Competely aware of this issue. Dynamic brake fan audio will be implemented in the future.

Avatar of Drizz
Drizz 26 Mar 2022

After I installed the file, my game crashes in the consist editor. Is there a vaporware file or something?

Avatar of LP
LP 31 May 2022


Avatar of StampedTomcat50
StampedTomcat50 14 Apr 2022

Absolutely awesome sound sets. It helps bring out the playability of some models that sound simply terrible. like the old F7s.

Avatar of [LCPL] Snakeman1105

Would you mind if I use this enhanment pack to submit a mod for two locomotives? They require the sounds as well as horns.

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

If you're gonna be using my pack as a dependency, go for it!

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 14 May 2022

If you don't mind me asking, when will you be reuploading your other enhancement packs? I know you said you took them down to see how they behave with TS Classic but I personally feel like at this point you would probably know what the differences are, if any, and there dosen't seem to be much with the game anyways. So when will you be putting your other enhancement packs back online? I really miss them.

Avatar of CentralJerseyRailfan

I usually don't take my content down unless it's super buggy or what not

Avatar of LP
LP 31 May 2022

Think he was referring to my stuff

They're all on Chris and jerre's paint shed now

Avatar of i am a person
i am a person 14 May 2022

no matter how many times i try and use this, it doesnt work. i delete make back up saves and use them if it doesnt work. i try again and it still doesnt work. does anyone have a fix for this?

Avatar of LP
LP 31 May 2022

Please be more specific

Avatar of i am a person
i am a person 31 May 2022

nevermind i figured it out

Avatar of Smectymnuus
Smectymnuus 4 Jul 2022

Any chance that the next release will include the newest HIS pack, the PC Pack01? I have your v1.4a on the B&O Mountain Sub and love those sounds!! Many thanks.

Avatar of Smectymnuus
Smectymnuus 26 Jul 2022

Jersey Central forever! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Avatar of Drizz
Drizz 22 Jul 2022

Your Welcome.

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 23 Jul 2022

I think this soundpack is causing a problem with the brakes on the F3 in the Santa Fe pack, they scripting for the brakes works at first but after the first set and release the scripting just cuts out and the brakes will neither apply nor release

Avatar of Drizz
Drizz 27 Jul 2022

If you have the UP F3, just take the script file from that one and put it in the ATSF one, and replace it.

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 26 Aug 2022

which file would that be? And where would I paste it in the Santa Fe F3 file structure

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 26 Aug 2022

which file would that be? And where would I paste it in the Santa Fe F3 file structure

Avatar of Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 26 Aug 2022

I'm also having a problem where the soundpack will work with the F-units in the ATSF pack but it will not copy over to the GP7's. Any way to remedy this?

Avatar of TrainFan51
TrainFan51 6 Sep 2022

Anyone else having problems with BL2? Everytime i tried installing the enhancements in it. It crashes my game.

Avatar of RMurphy
RMurphy 31 Dec 2022

There's a typo in the DTM BL2 bogie proxy file name

Once I changed it to say "Bogie" instead of "Boguie" it doesn't crash when loading a scenario with it.

Avatar of Mark
Mark 10 Dec 2022

This is a wonderful pack and you did a great job on it. I never had a reason to drive the SD7 and SD9s befour and this pack makes it worthwile. I just have one problem, the horns are a little to quite for my liking and I would love to hear those great sound file abit louder. Do you have any advice on how I could turn up the volumes.

Avatar of Marias Railroader12

Hello, I need help. I've installed the mod pack and downloaded it into the Donner Pass and Kuju files. the trains are present but the sounds are aren't, they're silent. can you help?

Avatar of urtazae
urtazae 10 Feb 2023

How did you go about creating that sound pack, since I'm trying to create one for dickyjim's sw1500 and mp15dc using WAV format audio files?

Avatar of KodiakJac
KodiakJac 10 Feb 2023

I downloaded the latest version of this mod a couple of weeks ago, and overall it's great! But I'm in the B&O F7 Blue Grey and its horn is not very loud in external view. I'm not even sure if this mod applies to that F7, but please consider making the horns BLARINGLY loud at 100 yards in external view. Too many DTG locomotives have terrible horn sounds in external view, in that you can hardly hear them at all when they should instead be extremely loud. Thanks!

Avatar of andrewjw1990
andrewjw1990 7 Mar 2023

I'm having a problem where I can load a scenario, but when I open the consist editor the game crashes. I have done a clean install of TS and this was the first "mod" I applied, and even on a fresh install this pack crashes the game when entering the editor

Avatar of Tamburello_1994
Tamburello_1994 17 Apr 2023

Want to add my name to the list of folks that have installed this mod, only to have it crash the consist editor. Thanks -- but not a fan of having to completely re-install my game.

Avatar of unkarr
unkarr 18 Jun 2023

I too have been having this issue. Really is a shame since this is one of the few mods where I dont even get the common "tracks.bin" error file that most of fan railer's mods give me and gives a new lease of life to all the locomotives with the 567

Avatar of unkarr
unkarr 30 Jun 2023

Would support also be added for the Aerotrain since it also used the 567 engine?

Avatar of PhUnKi_Ro0sTa
PhUnKi_Ro0sTa 4 days ago

This is a 16 cylinder 567, the aerotrain uses the 12 cylinder 567 - different prime mover.

Avatar of Ceeee
Ceeee 9 Jul 2023

this mod stops the consist editor from loading

Avatar of MrJetMan
MrJetMan 17 Jul 2023

For whatever reason touching the sander on any locomotive crashes my game, any help on that?

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