SS CSX #5210 Narrow Font K5HL w/ 2-Piece 1L (Dead 1L Bell)

Sick K5HL from CSX #5210


Any locomotive (I recommend CSX ES44 repaint or the BNSF ES44DC (

Installation Instructions

Paste the assets file into your railworks directory, then change the directory in whatever locomotive your using and change it to the specific directory.

Additional Comments

I will provide updates

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CSX #5210 K5HL.rar 18 MB · Downloaded 54×


Avatar of TRAINRAILFAN900 MECH C40-8

MetraBoy this horn is good but you need go to my Channnel and go to this video and follow the steps i do in the video you may have to slow the video down or pause it

Avatar of Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!) Simulations

This Horn Is Nice But You Made A Mistake,It's Supposed To Be Raised Letter K5hl Unless That Is What A Narrow Font 2 Piece 1L K5hl With A Dead 1L Bell Really Sounds Like

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 2 months ago

I think thats what 5210 has but I can find out more.

Avatar of z0rzx
z0rzx one month ago

This is a raised letter K5HL... CSX 5210 used to have a 1st gen K5HL ages ago, but it now holds a 3rd gen (raised letter) K5HL, no dead 1L...

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