China HKSAR KCR KTT Lok 2000 (Re465) (BR 101 Livery)


Do NOT mistake this as the 182 version (
The main informatiom about Lok 2000 is in the link above.
The 101's Lok2000 livery have 2 verision: Real Life and Extra Logo.
Real Life was marked with TLN 001, Extra Logo was TLS 002.
KCR never paint the logo on Lok 2000, but due to the design difference of BR 101 and Lok 2000, it will look a bit weird with a big red front. Therefore the White logo (From ER20) and Red Logo (Common one) was add at red and blue side of the vehicle.
Enjoy rushing down to Dresden with the Red-White-Blue(?) Lok 2000.


Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr (HRR) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager


Installation Instructions

See this video:

Additional Comments

The Dependencies was used for KCR and CR's liveries on German DLC

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NRM_DB_BR101_RF;KCR Lok 2000 (BR 101).tsw2liv 33 KB · Downloaded 23×
NRM_DB_BR101_RF;KCR Lok 2000 (BR 101)logo.tsw2liv 46 KB · Downloaded 29×


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Opps, it seems I get the TLN 001 as TNS 001, perhaps I will fix it later one day

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