BR Blue/Grey '1980s' Livery (GWB/TVL Class 101)

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Aren't this exactly how they look in game?
Indeed, they are. But I believe it will be nice to recreate it so it will be easier to do all variant base on this.
Thanks to YorkLad for borrowing the BR Blue 101 Livery as the base, now we truly see how the Livery's evolution goes.
Data from
In early 70s, there are a few of 101 already in Blue/Grey for Cross Country Services. It start become more common since 1978 as the BR White livery plan doesn't work due to how easy it gets dirty. Different factory has slightly difference on how it looks.
This variant is the BR Blue/Grey after 1980, with the orange warning belt on top.


Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this video:
Muff's Logo Pack 1.3

Additional Comments

Contact Yorklad, not me, if want to use this livery as base for variant. This livery should be consider as Yorklad's effort as I need the BR blue as base.

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RF_DSN_BR_Class101;BR101 Blue and Grey [TVL].tsw2liv 61 KB · Downloaded 25×
RF_GWB_Class101;BR101 Blue and Grey 1980s.tsw2liv 77 KB · Downloaded 83×

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Issue solved: The Livery Manager cannot extract any file with / in name.

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