KCR KTT Kinki Sharyo Double Decker (DRA Dostos Livery)

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Important: This livery was once on the RT BR182 Dostos, as DTG introduced the DRA Dosto which actually spawn liveries, I decide to move this project on the DRA Dostos with a complete rebuild.
The KTT KinKi Sharyo Double Decker, a total of 10, was the only carriage KCR(MTR) holding after 1983's electrification project as KCR switch to EMUs. As the InterCity Service, KTT, together with CR's Intercity, recieve the highest priority in both KCR and CR's network in timetable.
After 23 years of service, the Kinkis are still not retired as MTR has no plan to replace them yet. These double deckers are likely to stay around for another few years until MTR and CR decide whether it was still needed to have the Intercity services on local network when the much faster GuangZhou-ShenZhen-HongKong High Speed Railway was in service.
Livery List
1st= BR 785 (does not seems used on DRA)
2nd K (Kowloon)= BR 780 (With KCR Logo)
2nd C(Canton)= BR 780 (With KTT Logo)
No Cab Car provided due to the fact that these wagon was handled by 2 Lok 2000 Top Tailed and I did not managed to create a livery on BR 767 that looks suitable.


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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KCRCRailway 6 months ago

Guess until the day I bother to make the 3rd Lok2000 Livery, people are stucked to use the ER20 livery to cope with this one

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