BR Class 166 - Northern Trans-Pennine/Tees Valley Line

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This Mod replaces the BR Class 101 formations so that BR Class 166 are running on Northern Trans-Pennine and Tees Valley Line instead.
• Only one .pak file should be installed for each of the two routes. "NTP" is for Northern Trans-Pennine, "TVL" is for Tees Valley Line.
• "TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_xxx.pak": All Class 166 have the GWR livery.
• "TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_xxx.pak": All Class 166 have the FGW livery.
• "TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_mixed_xxx.pak": Class 166 run with both GWR and FGW livery.


Northern Trans-Pennine, Tees Valley Line, Great Western Express, FGW for GWE

Tags: british-rail northern-trans-pennine replacement substitution tees-valley-line


TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_mixed_NTP.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 113×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_mixed_TVL.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 88×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_TVL.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 62×
[AL] TSW2RH_DTG_Class166_NTP_TVL.pdf 788 KB · Downloaded 51×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_TVL.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 53×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_FGW_NTP.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 66×
TS2Prototype-AL_RH_Class166_NTP.pak 3 MB · Downloaded 68×

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Avatar of Rick - Astley
Rick - Astley 3 months ago

Please. Unreal 4.26

This comment was written for a prior version of this page.
Avatar of Sebsys
Sebsys 2 months ago

On the Huddersfield-Leeds All Stops services I get an instant derail right after starting the service with the Class 166 NTP mod. Might want to have a look into that :)

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. 2 months ago

Which services exactly?

Avatar of Alexander L.
Alexander L. 2 months ago

You're right, but I'm afraid I can't do anything about it

ADSTRAINSUK 2 months ago

is this in scenario designer

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