Riesa - Dresden PIS Extension and Fixes

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Disclaimer: The pictures still display version 1.0 of the mod, they will be updated later.

This mod contains a complete rework of the Station Directory from Riesa - Dresden. This fixes some of the empty destinations and improves other destinations on the platform departure boards and on the on train destination display. Some examples are the missing stations from the Dresden Flughafen branch, destinations for the S 3 and RB 31 and much more.

There is also a version of this mod included that fakes the last stations on the map to pretend to be some off map stations to fix the S 3 and RB 31 destinations. For example Großenhain becomes Elsterwerda-Biehla. This results in Großenhain not appearing as an intermediate stop. If you don't like such compromises, just use the normal version of the mod.

I also included some minor fixes, most of the final stops shouldn't appear as intermediate stops anymore for example.

Thanks to Nina for helping me with this mod and to RamanySquare for testing it and doing the screenshots.


Nahverkehr Dresden / Rush Hour Season Ticket

Additional Comments

v1.1 7 October 2021
Completely redone the mod to make it compatible with the update

Both versions

  • Added missing stations (S 2 branch stations and some S 3 and RB 31 AI only stations)
  • Added missing platform numbers
  • Removed short display names from terminating only stations
  • Fixed some station names (for example "Weinböhla Hbf")
  • Added a second "Dresden Hbf" destination, so it can be properly displayed on the Talent 2s without "HBF" in capital letters

TP-DRA-Station-Directory-Extension-WithOffMapHacks-v1_1.pak only

  • Change some on map termini stations so they pretend to be off map stations
    • Großenhain Pl. 1 => Elsterwerda-Biehla
    • Radebeul-Naundorf Pl. 2 => Dresden Hbf
    • Dresden-Plauen Pl. 2 => Tharandt
  • Changed some off map destinations to be the correct destinations
    • Rostock Hbf => Warnemünde
    • Frankfurt (Main) Hbf => Frankfurt(M) Flughafen

Tags: destinations dresden-riesa pis rush-hour


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Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 3 months ago

Can you do the version with the "off-map-hacks" for Köln-Aachen too so The S-Bahn platform isn't Köln Hbf but Au (Sieg), the ICE Platform at Aachen is Bruxelles Midi, the two regional platforms (im not shure if RE1 and RE9 share the platform at Köln Hbf when going east) Hamm (Westf.) and Siegen or Siegen only

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 3 months ago

Yeah I want to do that later. But as the RE 1 and 9 share the same platform in Köln I would rather not do something there. It would just be off to have a RE 1 to Siegen or a RE 9 to Hamm.

Avatar of Cash
Cash one month ago

Would it be possible to make this compatable with TSW2 on Epic Games? I really want this mod, it looks really good. However from what I can see, this isn't available for epic games TSW2. Thanks :)

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays one month ago

Hmm did you try it in your game? If it doesn't work I think I'm not able to do anything about that sadly.

Avatar of Cash
Cash one month ago

I haven’t tried it yet no. I play on epic games and assumed it wouldn’t work on there as the site said it isn’t compatible with epic games. I will have a try though :D

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays one month ago

Ah yeah that makes sense. I can't say whether it works on Epic as I don't have the add on there. So if you would try it please come back to me with the result and if it works I can happily add the "works with Epic" tag.

Avatar of Cash
Cash one month ago

Will do! I don’t currently have the Dresden DLC installed, however I plan on getting it soon :)

Avatar of Cash
Cash 14 days ago

Can confirm this mod works with Epic Games TSW2 :)

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 14 days ago

Thank you, I will edit the tags accordingly :)

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