German Platform Departure Boards Enhancements

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This mod changes some of the texts on the German Platform Departure Boards to make them more like they are in reality.

  • The old delay text in three different languages gets replaced with a German only one and some spaces around it.
    • HMA, RT, MSB, DRA, DCZ: "- Verspätung ca. x Min. -"
    • HBK: "- ca. x Minuten später -"
  • "Bitte nicht Einsteigen." => "Bitte nicht einsteigen"

Note that the HMA file also applies to RRO, HRR and SKA when you have Muff's working platform departure boards mods installed.

There is a download for every seperate route that currently has Platform Departure Boards. I plan to expand this mod when there are new German routes with departure boards that need those fixes.

Thanks to Nina for providing the "Bitte nicht einsteigen" fix.

Tags: departure-boards pis


TP-DCZ-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 290×
TP-DRA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 733×
TP-HBK-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 672×
TP-HMA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 716×
TP-MSB-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 699×
TP-RT-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 653×


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tof70110 3 months ago

Another great job, good luck for the future !!! tof

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TaskPlays 3 months ago

Thank You :)

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