German Platform Departure Boards Enhancements

  • by TaskPlays
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This mod changes some of the texts on the German Platform Departure Boards to make them more like they are in reality.

  • The old delay text in three different languages gets replaced with a German only one and some spaces around it.
    • HMA, RT, MSB, DRA, DCZ, SKA, HRR: "- Verspätung ca. x Min. -"
    • HBK: "- ca. x Minuten später -"
  • "Bitte nicht Einsteigen." => "Bitte nicht einsteigen"

The mod also adds an airplane symbol to the font (currently only available for SKA and HRR) so airport destinations can be properly displayed (needs specific mods to add / change these destinations).

Note that the HMA file also applies to RRO when you have Muff's working platform departure boards mods installed.

There is a download for every seperate route that currently has Platform Departure Boards. I plan to expand this mod when there are new German routes with departure boards that need those fixes.

Thanks to Nina for providing the "Bitte nicht einsteigen" fix.
Thanks to pintDMG for providing the updated fonts with the airplane symbol.

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Patch Notes

31 May 2022

  • Added TP-HRR-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak
  • Updated TP-SKA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_1.pak
    • Added an airplane symbol to the fonts of the Destination Displays

09 February 2022

  • Added TP-SKA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak

13 January 2022

  • Added TP-DCZ-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak

Tags: departure-boards pis


TP-DCZ-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,121×
TP-DRA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,534×
TP-HBK-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,444×
TP-HMA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,474×
TP-HRR-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 16 KB · Downloaded 587×
TP-MSB-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,464×
TP-RT-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_0.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 1,397×
TP-SKA-Platform-Departure-Boards-Enhancements-v1_1.pak 16 KB · Downloaded 757×

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Avatar of tof70110
tof70110 19 Oct 2021

Another great job, good luck for the future !!! tof

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Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 19 Oct 2021

Thank You :)

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 10 Feb 2022

Good job !

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