BR363 Layer Replacements for Ruhr Sieg Nord (DRA BR363)

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Short Description: This mod makes it possible for you to play the RSN 363 DLC's timetable services with DRA's 363, without needing to own the original DLC. (you still need RSN of course)

The 363 DLC includes cement wagons, however because there's no equivalent on DRA or vanilla RSN, I replaced them with Zacns tank wagons. It isn't really realistic, but you can just imagine the plant needs to transport some kind of fluid that isn't cement.

Known issues

Let me know if there are any bugs or crashes with this mod!

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Have fun with my mod!
-Aurora Bee


  • Nahverkehr Dresden
  • Ruhr Sieg Nord

Installation Instructions

Recommended: Use the TSW Mod Manager


  1. Find your install directory/folder for TSW2
  2. Copy the .pak file into the "[install path]\TrainSimWorld2\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC" folder
  3. Start the game!

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

02 June 2022:

  • Updated mod to be compatible to the new version, make sure to delte the old file.

Tags: blue br-363 dbb-br-363 dra dresden-riesa rsn ruhr-sieg-nord substitution timetable uacns zacns


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annadess 25 days ago

As of the 30th of May 2022 update this mod causes the game to crash, please uninstall it while playing, I will reply to this comment as soon as I have a new version of this mod working and uploaded

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Avatar of annadess
annadess 25 days ago

I doubt EGS will get an update today ;w;
Hopefully I'll get around to it tomorrow, the updates will probably will drop together with SoS, and I hope to try and do the update that evening.

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annadess 22 days ago

It's up to date now, finally!

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