Matrix Destination Displays Characters Expanded (DB BR 422, 423, 425)

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This mod adds the characters xy#&%/JZ0137ß and an airplane symbol to the destination display fonts of the DB BR 422 (HRR), 423 (HMA) and 425 (HRR).

The character ß can be displayed by adding a ? to the destination, the airplane symbol is displayed by a !. All the other characters work like any other character that is already included in the font so they fix broken destinations like "S4 Zorneding" or "S7 Aying".

With this mod, the old (pre Rush Hour Update) font of the BR 423's destination display gets restored.

Thank you to pintDMG and Will for helping me with this mod.


Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr or Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg

Additional Comments

v1.2 19.08.2021
Made mods compatible with the Rush Hour / UE 4.26 Update.
With this update the BR 423 (HMA) got a new font for destination display, this mod restores the old font.

v1.1 15.04.2021
Added character 7 to the destination display font of the BR 422 (HRR), BR 425 (HRR) and BR 423 (HMA).

Tags: br-422 br-423 br-425 destinations


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Good job !

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