GWE 70s Further Enhancements

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Further enhancements to GWE to make it look more like the 1970s, now updated for 4.26. These mods are designed to complement the work that has already been released by "Mr.Shiiba" (

The GWE70sStationImprovements.pak file contains the following enhancements:

  1. Any remaining conspicuously modern colours on station doors, canopies, fences etc have been removed.
  2. Posters replaced with authentic BR posters from the era
  3. No smoking, keep off the line and CCTV signs replaced with more appropriate BR signs
  4. Updating of collectibles with more authentic versions for the era
  5. Removal of modern blue plastic barriers from stations
  6. Removal of CCTV cameras
  7. Any other modern signage I found such as at Acton Mainline has been replaced

The platform mod (GWE70sPlatform.pak), contains the following changes:

Paddington platforms completely retextured
Paddington station walls and roof darkened
Yellow lines removed from all platforms
Tactile edges removed from all platforms

The trackside mod (GWE70sTrackside.pak) consists of the following changes:

All signal lenses changed from LED to filament
Banner repeaters changed from LED to traditional style
TPWS grids removed
Graffiti removed
Modern buffer stops modified to better suit the era



Tags: br br-blue


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Avatar of Raf1196
Raf1196 8 months ago

Really has brought this dlc to life, makes the gwr fell more like the 70, thank you for finishing dovetails work

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Avatar of atpyatt
atpyatt 8 months ago

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it

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Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 3 months ago
Avatar of atpyatt
atpyatt 3 months ago

Yes, he hasn't updated his mods yet, I'm being optimistic and hoping he does and have updated this ready. Installing these without the MrShiiba mods won't break anything but obviously you're missing quite a lot of things. If you really wanted to you could update most of them yourself by following these instructions: However I think the blueprint mod that removes the OHLE isn't a simple conversion like the rest, so going to have to wait and hope the author figures it out.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 3 months ago

It's Ok atpyatt Merci !

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