RRO Scenario Designer Path Extension

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This mod contains 36 paths for the Scenario Designer of the route "Rhein-Ruhr Osten". In this, unlike in the vanilla version, a large part of the portals are also used. As a result, paths are also included that are only intended for AI traffic.

More information on included paths and the instructions to use them are in the manual for this mod. I strongly advise you to read the manual before using this mod. There is an English and a German version.

Instructions for scenario creators

Of course you are welcome to use this mod for your scenarios, but then you must obviously refer to this mod in your readmes or in the mod description, otherwise others will not be able to run your scenario. In addition, you should always include the version number of this mod, so that your scenarios can still be run after the release of new versions of this mod. Also, I would be happy if you let me know (via DM or Discord) if you use my path extension for your scenarios. I am curious about your creations with my mod.


Rhein-Ruhr Osten

Tags: paths rhein-ruhr-osten rro scenario-designer


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Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 6 months ago

Super, thanks

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Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 3 months ago

An excellent MOD. Thanks!

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Avatar of wyskass
wyskass one month ago

Hi. I'm very interested in doing this kind of thing for LIRR. Could you please share how you do this kind of thing?
I've been able to unpack the Pak files and have the Unreal Engine, but can't figure out where to look for path definitions.

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays one month ago

Unpack this exact mod to get a sense of what asset you are looking for. For LIRR you have to look for something named SDA (ScenarioDesignAsset) or a ScenarioDesigner directory. The file structure isn’t the same for all the add ons so it may be slightly different for RRO.

Avatar of wyskass
wyskass one month ago

Thanks, found it. Also using Fmodel was the missing link. Now to recreate the class in the editor..

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