BR 182 [KWG + RT]: Dispolok

A empty Dispolok livery for the Rapid Transit DB BR 182 and Schnellfahrstrekce Kassel - Würzburg Dispolok ES64U2 created only with the TSW 2 Livery Designer
The port from the RT BR 182 to the KWG ES64U2 was done by KCRCRailway


  • See file description
  • Livery-Manager

Tags: 182 br-182 dispolok es64u2 livery livery-designer rapid-transit


Dispolok_ES64U2_017_KWG_for_RF_KWG_Dispolok_BR182.tsw3 1 MB · Downloaded 34×

Requires Dispolok ES64U2

RF_DB_BR182;Dispolok.tsw2liv 184 KB · Downloaded 316×

Requires Rapid Transit + DB BR 182 DLC


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