DB RBH Logistic '145 071-7' (DRA 185 Livery)

This livery was for BR145 IRL, I use the BR185 as a replacement until DTG actually introduce 145
DB has supplied RBH multiple electric locomotives including this BR145 071-7 which removed the DB logo and painted the RBH Logistic instead.
This livery was created by me based on the MRCE RBH Logistic 185 '544-4' (DRA BR185 Livery) with Minimal effort, thus the details will likely to be incorrect.


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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RF_MRCE_BR185-5;DB RBH 145 '071-7' DRA.tsw2liv 249 KB · Added 14 May 2022 · Downloaded 237×


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14 May 2022
14 May 2022
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