German Trains Substitution Changes & Fixes

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This package contains a number of changes and fixes to the substitution of German trains (for now mostly locos). The mods are completely modular, just download what you want and need. Some of the mods disable substitution for the respective loco completely, some just disable a Geographic Region and some have tweaks for the Commonness Weighting (how likely is the loco to appear).

For now this package contains the following mods, if you have any wishes, hit me up (on Discord), it's planned to expand this package in the future.

  • BR 112 [HBK]
    • Substitution Disabled: This doesn't work for custom liveries, they will still substitute.
  • BR 143 [RSN]
    • Substitution Disabled
  • BR 143 [DRA]
    • Substitution Disabled: This doesn't work for custom liveries, they will still substitute.
  • BR 143 [DCZ]
    • Substitution Disabled
  • BR 1442 [RT]
    • Substitution Disabled
  • BR 146 [MSB]
    • Substitution Disabled
  • BR 155
    • Substitution Low: Decreases the Commonness Weighting from 1.0 to 0.1 so the loco appears 10 times less. The current value of 1.0 seems to not be intentional as it's higher than for every other German loco.
  • BR 182 MRCE [HBK]
    • Substitution Moderate: Increases the Commonness Weighting from 0.1 to 0.5 so the loco appears 5 times more often.
  • BR 182 [RT]
    • DB Regio Disabled: Stops the RT BR 182 from substituting into passenger trains.
    • DB Regio Disabled + Substitution Moderate: Same as above + Increase Commonness Weighting from 0.1 to 0.5 for freight trains.
    • Substitution Disabled
    • Substitution Moderate: Changes Commonness Weighting from 0.1 to 0.5 so the loco appears 5 times more often.
  • BR 185.2 [KWG]
    • Substitution Fixes: Removes passenger train substitution and add freight train substitution. Also increases the Commonness Weighting from 0.1 to 0.5 so the loco appears 5 times more often.
  • BR 204
    • Substitution Disabled
  • HBK: BR 112 Formations
    • Substituted 5x: Increases the Substitution Probability from 0.1 to 0.5 so a different loco should appear 5 times more often in the BR 112 consists on Hamburg - Lübeck.
    • Substituted 10x: Increases the Substitution Probability from 0.1 to 1.0 so a different loco should appear 10 times more often in the BR 112 consists on Hamburg - Lübeck.
  • KWG AI Stock
    • Substitution Disabled: This disables the KWG AI stock (BR 146, Dostos and BR 442) from substitution and removes them from the menus.
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Additional Comments

10 September 2022


  • Updated TP-185-KWG-Substitution-Fixes to v1.1
    • remove banking capable and double header tags to prevent crashes; brings it in line with other recent 185 versions like the Railpool version
  • Added TP-204-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak


  • Added TP-185-KWG-Substitution-Fixes-v1_0.pak
  • Added TP-KWG-AI-Stock-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak
03 February 2022
  • Removed TP-143-DRA-Freight-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak as it doesn't work correctly
14 January 2022
  • Added TP-143-DCZ-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak
13 January 2022
  • Added TP-1442-RT-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak
14 September 2021
  • Added TP-143-DRA-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak
  • Added TP-143-DRA-Freight-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak
21 August 2021
  • Updated all available mods for the UE 4.26 / Rush Hour Update
21 May 2021
  • Added TP-146-MSB-Substitution-Disabled.pak
  • Added TP-HBK-112-Substituted-5x.pak
  • Added TP-HBK-112-Substituted-10x.pak

Tags: br-112 br-143 br-146 br-155 br-182 br-185 br-204 hamburg-lubeck mrce substitution


TP-112-HBK-Substitution-Disabled-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 603× TP-143-DCZ-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 323× TP-143-DRA-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 484× TP-143-RSN-Substitution-Disabled-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 535× TP-1442-RT-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak 2 KB · Downloaded 364× TP-146-MSB-Substitution-Disabled-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 528× TP-155-Substitution-Low-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 488× TP-182-MRCE-HBK-Substitution-Moderate-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 506× TP-182-RT-DB-Regio-Substitution-Disabled-Freight-Moderate-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 474× TP-182-RT-DB-Regio-Substitution-Disabled-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 503× TP-182-RT-Substitution-Disabled-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 420× TP-182-RT-Substitution-Moderate-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 420× TP-185-KWG-Substitution-Fixes-v1_1.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 118× TP-204-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak 3 KB · Downloaded 72× TP-HBK-112-Substituted-10x-v1_1.pak 2 KB · Downloaded 394× TP-HBK-112-Substituted-5x-v1_1.pak 2 KB · Downloaded 411× TP-KWG-AI-Stock-Substitution-Disabled-v1_0.pak 8 KB · Downloaded 91× TSW2 readme.txt 1 KB · Downloaded 451×

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Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 20 May 2021

Thank you for your different mods. They're very helpful.

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 21 May 2021

Excellent Mods!

I've used them all and they work as intended.

Great Job Task Plays

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 5 Jun 2021

very nice, thanks for the mod

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 21 Aug 2021

Can you please update for UE 4.26

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 25 Sep 2021

It is already very helpful but as I like the 143 infront of Cargotrains, is it possible to create a 143 passenger Substitution disabled and a Version, where the 112 can Substitute on Dresden-Riesa RE15 and RE18 services, as they are used there

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 25 Sep 2021

It isn't easily possible to let the 112 only substitute onto the RE 15 / 18 services. Maybe I will try a more complicated solution for that sometime later though. What I planned is to do a mod that only disables the 112 for freight services.

Avatar of Victor4815
Victor4815 18 days ago

Do you plan to remove the 112 for cargo services?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 18 days ago

As it turned out my 143 Cargo remover didn’t work properly I don’t have that mod planned anymore, no.

Avatar of _kuerbis
_kuerbis 14 Jan 2022

Thank you very much for those nice little mods. Do you think you can make a mod that swaps all the DCZ cab cars with the DRA cab cars, because the DCZ one is pretty broken at the moment...

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 17 May 2022

Question: I'm a little unclear on the titling of the files. Does for example "BR 143 (RSN) Substitution Disabled" mean that the BR 143 from RSN will no longer substitute anywhere, or that on the RSN route there will no longer be BR 143 substitutions?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 17 May 2022

Your first assumption is correct, the BR 143 from RSN won't substitute anywhere.

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