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  • by Nagiphaaa
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Once again, this mod is still in beta. It is still missing multiple features I originally planned for the first release, although I decided to publish it anyway due to personal reasons possibly holding up progress in the future.

This mod is a complete remake from scratch of the older iR ICE 3(M) enhancement packs for SKA and HMA. As it's still in beta, it misses the sound improvements since proper samples are missing at the moment.
The mod, at this stage, fixes or improves the following things to make the ICE 3 more realistic:

  • Added the wider black lines on the sides of the doors

  • Adjusted the colours of the green/red stripe

  • Replaced fonts on decals where necessary (Bordrestaurant & Klimaschützer text)

  • Changed/adjusted the headlight texture

  • Lowered the camera position in the driver's seat

  • Added the seam of the front window covering in the cab

  • Added multiple details in the DMI as well as reworked most indicators

  • Reworked the textures of the "Fahren/Bremsen" screen

  • Changed the colour of the external PIS to orange

  • Removed the red interior LED screens (a black square is still left behind)

  • Removed the duplicate "ICE" from the interior displays (thanks to TaskPlays)

  • Fixed most typos in the MTDs (with the help of TaskPlays)

  • An AddOn which overwrites the "Klimaschützer" stripe with a full traffic red one is available. For this, install iR_KWG_93805403_EP_!AddOn_VRed_BETA1.pak as well.


Update v0.1b (BETA 1b), 11/11/22

  • Readjusted seating position after feedback
  • Added "ETCS not equipped" indicator in the DMI
  • Adjusted colour of the LED headlights
  • Other minor fixes (originally part of BETA 2)

By Nagiphaaa
Version v0.1b (BETA 1b)

Installation Instructions

Place iR_KWG_93805403_EP_BETA1b.pak in (Game Directory)\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC.
If the livery with the full red stripe is desired, place iR_KWG_93805403_EP_!AddOn_VRed_BETA1.pak in the folder above as well.

Tags: enhancement-pack ice3 kassel-wuerzburg kwg tsw3


iR_KWG_93805403_EP_!AddOn_VRed_BETA1.pak 5 MB · Added 27 Sep 2022 · Downloaded 1,659× iR_KWG_93805403_EP_BETA1b.pak 12 MB · Added 11 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 2,115×

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Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 27 Sep 2022

Thanks for your work, great.

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 28 Sep 2022

If the older ICE 3(M) mods are installed, this can operate along side those (I'm assuming this is just for the KWG ICE 3)?

Avatar of Nagiphaaa
Nagiphaaa 28 Sep 2022

Exactly, the older mods by irFlouz/FloribertHD are for the other ICE3(M)s, this one is only for the KWG one. Everything should be compatible.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 28 Sep 2022

Good job !

Avatar of Account_42
Account_42 29 Sep 2022

For some reason the mods don't work for me, I drop the .pak file in the DLC folder and nothing changes in-game :/

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 29 Sep 2022

Thank you! I was waiting for a full red livery!

Avatar of der_bengel
der_bengel 8 Oct 2022

Great mod! Would be nice if you could also fix the "Nächster Station" issue and also the issue with the green "TÜR AUF" - LEDs showing up even when the doors are closed.

Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 17 Oct 2022

This mod makes the ICE 3 so incredibly much better. The colour of the stripes is way more accurate and I love the thicker black lines of the doors :D

Avatar of PuuvillaneMats
PuuvillaneMats 31 Oct 2022

Very nice mod. I wonder how were You able to change drivers camera position. Is there any tutorial how to do it? There are so many trains where drivers view is wrong and needs correction. In TS 20xx I did it myself using editors but in TSW it seems to be more complicated, not so accessible and certainly requires knowlidge on UnrealEngine. I know how to unpack TSW .pak files but haven't tried to mod something yet.

Avatar of Aran
Aran 5 Nov 2022

Love the mod, it makes driving the ICE so much more enjoyable. Especially things like the PIS colour and spelling mistakes were really frustrating so it's great to have a fix for them. However I feel like the driver's height is now too low and that something in between what it was at and what you set it too is more appropriate. Would really appreciate a patch that adjusts that at some point if you are able to do that.

Avatar of PuuvillaneMats
PuuvillaneMats 5 Nov 2022

No way is the drivers view height too low. I think it's still 3-4 cm-s too high. Most of drivers views are too high in TSW3. I'm sure they (DTG) wanted to improve the driving immersion, but outcome is unfortunately very unreralistic. Watch videos and ICE-3 in-cab photos. Confusion is made here by absolutely unsuccessfully modelled drivers seat. The backseat is abnormally high.

Avatar of Aran
Aran 5 Nov 2022

I have seen images, I know that it's too low. The standard one is too high but the change is too strong and now it's too low, it's very clear when passing any other trains that it just makes no sense the way it is now. The head barely gets to the bottom of the windows on the ICE 1

Avatar of PuuvillaneMats
PuuvillaneMats 6 Nov 2022

I think drivers desk is not in right place too in ICE-3 cab model. It's height is wrong (too low). And drivers seat model is completely wrong.

Avatar of Triple
Triple 22 Mar 2023

Whenever you have the time, could you possibly consider making the red stripe 403 a seperate reskin please? It would be greatly appreciated 🙏

Avatar of BR401_driver
BR401_driver 5 Apr 2023

Could you possibly make both liveries into one so you can access them from the menu?

Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 27 Jul 2023

when will there be an update to this

Avatar of Pipolo20
Pipolo20 22 Oct 2023

Hi is it normal that i don't see any train when i choose the trains in the timetable mode in tsw4 with this mod?

Avatar of MoRoN222
MoRoN222 19 days ago

the mod works fine for me. you should check if you have anything else that could cause an incompatibility.

Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 19 hours ago

Does this mod work in TSW4 as well?

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