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This page includes some smaller mods with some fixes and improvements that don't deserve their own mod page. Consult the file descriptions for more information.

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Additional Comments

08 April 2023

Added TP-TC-Collection-Showcase: v1.0

21 November 2022

Updated TP-BCC-Station-Directory-Fixes: v1.2

  • Fixed Kings Norton Pl. 4 not showing up correctly
20 November 2022

Updated TP-BCC-Station-Directory-Fixes: v1.1

  • Changed "Birmingham N St" to "Birmingham New St"

Tags: fixes


TP-BCC-Station-Directory-Fixes-v1_2.pak 4 KB · Added 21 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 483×

Fixes problems with some platforms in "Lichfield City" and "Kings Norton" and misspelled "Gravelly Hill" plus changes how "Birmingham New Street" is displayed on the PIS of the Birmingham Cross-City Line.

TP-HBK-Mastery-Ferris-Wheel-Speed-Fix-v1_0.pak 7 KB · Added 20 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 306×

Lowers the rotation speed for the ferris wheel mastery reward on Hamburg - Lübeck to make it closer to reality.

TP-TC-Collection-Showcase-v1_0.pak 19 KB · Added 8 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 351×

Replaces most Training Center formations with trains I like more (mostly German). If you don't have all add ons and mods I used, the mod should still work and all other formations should still spawn. Uses most German add ons as well as LZN, LGV and LBN. Also uses some standalone repaints: BR 628 Verkehrsrot (iR), InterRegio coaches (Hannah), BR 403 railbow (Alex).

TSW3 readme.txt 1 KB · Added 20 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 144×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 69 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of nicSlafyt
nicSlafyt 14 Dec 2022


Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 9 Apr 2023

The Training Center mod looks cool, but unfortunately it crashes my game

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 9 Apr 2023

Maybe my idea with the mods not being required doesn't work then? Do you have all the stuff I mentioned?

Avatar of Alexander
Alexander 10 Apr 2023

briljannt loving it but is there a chance you can put on some more trains like the new 37 and a few more traxx loco and touros
and the 395 and mabey another tgv but love it keep up the good work

Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 13 Apr 2023

@TaskPlays the only German content I dont own is Ruhr Sieg Nord and the BR 155 DLC. Have you added any locos from these DLCs? If yes, then that will probably be the problem

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 13 Apr 2023

Nope I didn't put any RSN stock or the 155 there. Are you on Steam, Epic or Microsoft?

Avatar of Cadesh | Tim
Cadesh | Tim 14 Apr 2023

could you create a mod vor München - Augsburg where the ICE 3 of München - Augsburg ist replaced by the one from KWG

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