Linke Rheinstrecke Timetable: Modern Stock (BR 101 and more)

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This mod replaces the rolling stock in the Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz - Koblenz timetable with more modern versions.

  • BR 103 and Produktfarben IC coaches get replaced with BR 101 and DB Fernverkehr IC coaches
  • BR 110 + n-Wagen (orient red / mint green) get replaced with their Verkehrsrot versions or BR 143 + Dostos (from DCZ)
  • BR 110 on freight services get replaced with the BR 185.2 from Kassel - Würzburg, this also enables substitution for some other modern freight locos like different BR 185 variants and the BR 187
  • BR 628 in Verkehrsrot instead of mint green (Hannah's repaint)
Known Issues
  • The PIS of the Dostos and BR 143 isn't visible on routes with TOD4.
  • Sifa doesn't work in the Dostos cab car from Dresden - Chemnitz.
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  • Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz - Koblenz
  • DB BR 101
  • Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzburg
  • Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg or Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz


Only required if you own Niddertalbahn which activates the BR 628 layer.

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

27 March 2023
TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock v0.2
TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock-Dostos v0.3

  • Swapped the vanilla BR 628 formation with Hannah's repaint of a Verkehrsrot BR 628

17 March 2023
TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock-Dostos v0.2

  • Fixed an issue with almost the whole train using first class

TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock-Dostos v0.1
Added version with BR 143 and Dostos instead of BR 110 and n-Wagen

16 March 2023
Version 0.1: TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock

Tags: lfr linke-rheinstrecke modern


TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock-Dostos-v0_3.pak 23 KB · Added 31 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 1,183×

uses BR 143 and Dostos from Dresden - Chemnitz for regional services

TP-LFR-Timetable-Modern-Stock-v0_2.pak 23 KB · Added 31 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 890×

uses BR 110 and n-Wagen in Verkehrsrot from Bremen - Oldenburg for regional services

TSW3 readme.txt 1 KB · Added 16 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 668×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 501 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Noah.EiB
Noah.EiB 17 Mar 2023

BR 425 would be cool!

Avatar of anarchy99
anarchy99 17 Mar 2023

Thank you for adding the BR 143 alternative for regional services. I have all German DLC except Bremen - Oldenburg so now I can make full use of this modern timetable.

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 17 Mar 2023

You are welcome :)

Avatar of Zinv
Zinv 17 Mar 2023

Amazing mod, I prefer this version over the 90s one!
Would it be possible to somehow get the BR 425 in as well? As far as I know, it is around on the route even today

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 17 Mar 2023

Not as easy as the rest I did in this mod, no. This would need way more work. And no I don't think they are on that route nowadays (and I'm not even sure they ever went there in the past too).

Avatar of Nippur
Nippur 19 Mar 2023

Yes, there are BR 425 in the S6 S-Bahn, but it's a service from Mainz to Bensheim.

Avatar of Manny
Manny 17 Mar 2023

could you not take the Dostos from Kassel Würzburg because of the TOD4 problem? with a BR147?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 17 Mar 2023

Those sadly also have several problems, some of them are due to them only being supposed to be used as AI. And the 143 is realistic for the 2000s, a 146 wouldn't be.

Avatar of Manny
Manny 17 Mar 2023

ok thanks for Information.

Avatar of Noah.EiB
Noah.EiB 18 Mar 2023

Is it a extra Timetable, or is it replacing the standalone?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 18 Mar 2023

Replacing, but the timetable isn't really touched, I only swapped the formations used in the timetable.

Avatar of Noah.EiB
Noah.EiB 18 Mar 2023

Ok, so it's not possible to make just a copy of this timetable?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 18 Mar 2023

Might be possible but it would take quite some time I'm not ready to invest in that atm.

Avatar of Feile
Feile 7 Apr 2023

Hi, how to replace the trains in the timetable? Do you need a special program for this?

Avatar of TrainX
TrainX 11 Apr 2023

Love it!!! Please more timetable mods!!

Avatar of Ischollum
Ischollum 19 Apr 2023

I would love it, but it doesn´t work. And Taskplay is not able to answer a simple question.

Avatar of FrankStevenson
FrankStevenson 11 Apr 2023

Love this idea! Could you do one for Bremen-Oldenburg?

Avatar of Ischollum
Ischollum 17 Apr 2023

Hi there, unfornatelly your mod doesn´t work. I have download your mod and have it put into Content\DLC. I start the Game and there are the old Layers with 103 and everything but not with modern mods. Can you help what I did wrong. I have all DLC except Niddertalbahn installed but the Niddertalbahn is optional so it is not a requirement. Even with tsw mod manager it doesn´t work. I see the old Layer and not the 101, 143 and everything

Thank you

Avatar of Ischollum
Ischollum 27 Apr 2023

Nearly one month where is the answer about the mod. I have everything and your mod doesen´t work? Where is the answer? Delete the Mod it doesn´t work.

Avatar of Alex
Alex 27 Apr 2023

Drop the entitled attitude.

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 27 Apr 2023

You can't expect an answer in less than two days and ten days also aren't close to "nearly one month". Sounds like this is a problem on your end as the mod works for everyone else. But this attitude certainly won't get you any help.

Avatar of Gamer Brothers
Gamer Brothers 7 May 2023

kann man da auch eine version mit der 112 Machen da sie ein wenig Schneller ist als die 143

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 7 Jun 2023

The SBB coaches are already included in the main timetable mod and the 101 doesn't work with the LFR coaches in general so sadly I can't make that happen.

Avatar of bvbhummel09
bvbhummel09 30 Jun 2023

Könntest du evtl. alternativ zur BR 143 mit den DoSto die BR 182/146 für die RE-Züge in den Fahrplan aufnehmen?

Avatar of Gamer Brothers
Gamer Brothers 6 Jan 2024

Kannst du Bitte die Mod auch für TSW 4 rausbringen

Avatar of TrainX
TrainX 29 Feb 2024

Could you please update the mod to tsw4? It would make me very happy

Avatar of TrainX
TrainX 29 Feb 2024

A variant with BR111 and N-cars would be fantastic!

Avatar of Pavel
Pavel 4 Jun 2024

Hi, I guess this doesn`t work in TSW4? I tried and it always crashes the game :-(

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31 Mar 2023
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Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg, DB BR 101, Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel - Würzburg