Niddertalbahn Timetable: IR Coaches

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With this mod, the 103 formations in the Niddertalbahn timetable used for AI IR and D services now use the InterRegio repaint (made by Hannah) for the coaches.

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  • Niddertalbahn
  • Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz - Koblenz


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Patch Notes

27 March 2023

  • IR / D formation
    • swapped IC coaches with IR repaint

Tags: interregio niddertalbahn


TP-NID-Timetable-Improvements-v1_0.pak 2 KB · Added 27 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 436× TSW3 readme.txt 1 KB · Added 27 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 84×


Avatar of wunder99
wunder99 29 Mar 2023

Werden alle 110-Formationen ersetzt oder nicht alle? Ins Besondere wenn ersteres: Könntest du bitte eine Variantew ohgne Ersatz sondern mit Zufall verwenden (Also, dass es zufällig mal eine BR110 und mal eine BR103 ist)?

Will all 110 formations be replaced or not all? In particular, if the former, could you please use a variantwhich is not a replacement but a random one (i.e. that it happens to be a BR110 and a BR103)?

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 29 Mar 2023

I haven’t touched any 110 formation, I only swapped the coaches of the single 103 formation that’s in use.

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