Modified Lights TSW4 (Seasonal daylight timers and Emissives)

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A similar mod to the one I made a long time ago for TSW2 & 3. This pack has been re-built from the ground up and expanded to help out on many more routes.

By default many routes turn off the streetlights by 07:00 and don't turn them back on again until 17:00 - not much use during the northern hemisphere winter months.

This mod extends lighting hours so the lights stay on until after sunrise, and come on before sunset. In some update DTG removed the lighting timer curves from the streetlight blueprints, so I put in new ones.

It also brightens up many streetlamps so they're similar to those I built in the BCC lighting and foliage mod. Note that this mod DOES NOT add extra lights to routes*. Whilst that would be possible it's outside the scope of this project.

*As a bonus I added the ability to pick snowy weather in Great Western Express in December & January. (Note DTG didn't add snow textures to station platforms, so just imagine the platform staff did a great job with the ice-melt.)

Some platform lighting timers cannot be altered, maybe those on SEH, MGP & PFR as they installed some other method of detecting daylight. It doesn't really work well.

LIRR got added on 13 May 24, *the mod also adds lights to the West Side Yard, Jamaica and Long Island City districts


For best results also install this mod for TOD3 routes (the routes with the older skies)

For best results also install this mod for TOD3 routes (the routes with the older skies)

For best results also install this mod for TOD3 routes (the routes with the older skies)

Additional Comments

Updated 13 May 24 to add support for LIRR2

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Avatar of Manny
Manny 2 Nov 2023

Perfect Job, Thanks

Avatar of Scorpion71
Scorpion71 3 Nov 2023

Thanks for this. I thought DTG were supposed to have changed the way station/street lights come on by way of enviroment lighting, so if it gets dark because of rain/fog etc.(even mid-afternoon) then the lights are supposed to come on? Well, I've never witnessed this, even when it's been very dark clouds and heavy rain, the station lights have remained off.

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 3 Nov 2023

That was their aim I think, but I have no idea which routes got this tech or which lights they fitted it to (station, yard or street). No obvious code anywhere in any lighting blueprints that I checked out. The only thing I noticed for certain was that Peak Forest, Glossop and SEH lights went on and off when I changed the cloud slider with God Mode at a certain time of day - but it wasn't enough. The day was too dark before the lights came on. There are too many variables for me to reliably fix the problem, but I hope the mod goes some way to helping fix things. God only knows how DTG devs keep their sanity, it all seems an unkempt mess!

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 3 Nov 2023

Is the new Dresden version in TSW4 considered a 'TSW4' route, or does it need the TSW3 mod version? Don't want to accidentally have duplicate files going...

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 3 Nov 2023

This mod is for any route if you're running TSW4.

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 4 Nov 2023

Perfect, thanks!

Avatar of Luke Barry
Luke Barry 5 Nov 2023

do i need the other parts for this to work as i see they not updated for TSW4? Please reply when u can

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 5 Nov 2023

Those mods by Aran already work in TSW4. Some kind of mods don't need to be updated to make them work.

Avatar of TheSouthernRex
TheSouthernRex 6 Nov 2023

Sucks im on PC gamepass, they make the files so complex would get this if only

Avatar of Daikichi
Daikichi 10 Nov 2023

Is there a version of this that works on TSW3? I saw that you mentioned an older mod you made.

Specifically, looking for something that will work for New York-Trenton on TSW3. By default, many of the lights come on too late. It makes NY look like a ghost town at dusk. Not the best look for The City That Never Sleeps lol. Thanks!

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 10 Nov 2023

I didn't include many routes in that version to be fair, and only bought Trenton in the sale at Halloween this year. It's possible this mod might work on TSW3, I haven't been able to test that.

Avatar of Daikichi
Daikichi 10 Nov 2023

Seems to work, thank you! Great mod.

The DTG lighting in Trenton is really bad, it needs an overhaul. Many of the buildings light up too late or don’t light up at all. How would one make a mod like that, with the Unofficial Editor?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 23 Nov 2023

Sorry I missed this post. No. since TSW4 routes crash the unofficial editor. I wanted to use the unofficial editor to add foliage and scenery to older routes instead. Guess what, due to add-on manager that doesn't work either. WTG!

Avatar of Daikichi
Daikichi 2 Dec 2023

That’s DTG quality lol. I guess NYT is a hopeless case with lousy scenery and nights that are too dark.

Avatar of JamesP
JamesP 9 Dec 2023

Great mod, thanks Bescot.

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 2 Feb 2024

Thanks for this beautiful mode !
a question: with the new wsr will you adjust the mode ? or Aran for his UK mode ?

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 20 Mar 2024

Missed your question, sorry! WSR wasn't included here. I might look into that, it might not be necessary as some routes are fine as they are. I don't know about Aran's mod

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