Class 150 Northwest Destinations (Updated interior destination list) and Optional Provincial Livery

This pak file will change the destinations on your WCL Class 150 to ones more commonly seen around the Northwest. Ideal for scenarios and free roaming on the Blackpool -Ormskirk route. Livery is not part of the pak file and is found on Creators Club. There are two things to take into consideration-
The destinations wont automatically link to the Station you select in scenarios or timetable.
I havent figured out how to change the listings shown inside the Cab but will provide a list below.
Penzance = Blackpool North
St Erth = Blackpool South
Lelant Saltings = Morecambe
Lelant = Colne
Carbis Bay = Wigan Wallgate
St Ives = Liverpool Lime Street
Hayle = Manchester Victoria
Camborne = Barrow In Furness
Redruth = Ormskirk
Truro = Leeds
St Austell =York
Not In Service (unchanged).

Plus 150Provincialpak - An optional file that will take your 150 into the BR Sprinter era. Thanks to MR Siiba for providing the livery to work on.


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Avatar of Luke Barry
Luke Barry 13 Nov 2023

thank you for this would be good for the blackpool route cheers

Avatar of Fawx
Fawx 19 Nov 2023

How do you go about creating a livery as a pak file?
I'd love to make a Intercity HST for a timetable I'm working on.

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 19 Nov 2023

To clarify. The reason there arent many vehicle reskins out there is because dtg make a lot of trains using a mirrored method. Only needing to do one half and then having their own decal folder. This results in any logos we apply being backwards at one end. If youre still wanting to go ahead with that. Id recommend downloading fmodel. Have a play around, see how the dlcs are structured. Then download Ue4 editor either from epic launcher or the unofficial one by trainsimcz. Barring that, sit tight the dtg one should be a lot easier to fathom, but is not ready for use yet.

Avatar of Rob Woods #9284
Rob Woods #9284 21 Nov 2023

Is there any way of extending the list of destinations, to cover other DLCs?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 21 Nov 2023

Whilst I cant make the list any longer. I have taken some non dlc destinations out to introduce some subbed ones such as Middlesbrough, Darlington, Penzance and St Austell. Pack needs finishing.

Avatar of MrBond96
MrBond96 22 Nov 2023

Is there a mod that will allow us to drive class 150 on Blackpool branches in timetable mode?

Avatar of FileTrekker
FileTrekker 22 Nov 2023

It would be nice to have ones that allow the 150 to sub onto Blackpool Branches and NTP, and a version of the livery without the weathering on the ends (it sticks out too much)

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