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This mod is in beta!
This mod, so far, replaces and adjusts the traction motor, inverter, brake and compressor sounds of the DB BR187 from Skyhook Games, based on the older iR sound mod for TSW2. Additionally, the interior now has mostly seperate sounds. Multiple other changes are planned for the future.

Have fun!

Demo video:

By Nagiphaaa, based on the older sound mod from FloribertHD (irFlouz)
Version v0.2.3 (V2 BETA 3)

Installation Instructions

Place the .pak file in (Game Directory)\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

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Arch 7 Sep 2022

While this sound mod is better than the shg's one, I noticed a weird sound effect when you first apply power. It's basically short, repeated beeps when you apply power. I don't have a video, but instead of a smooth sound, it basically beeps. so beep beep beep beep beep, stops for a little and sounds again. So the traction sounds are playing but there is a noticeable beep that sounds like 6 times, and then keeps on making the sound. If anyone takes a listen, you will know what I mean.

Avatar of Nagiphaaa
Nagiphaaa 7 Sep 2022

that is probably due to the physics, when trying to accelerate with a heavy train the speed sometimes jumps to something like 0.1km/h and then back to 0km/h which probably produces such beep until the train properly accelerates. Thank you for the feedback, I'll push out a fix within the next few minutes!

Avatar of Arch
Arch 8 Sep 2022

Thank you soo much. Awesome work on the sound mod and really makes the 187 a pleasure to drive

Avatar of Frankengrizzly
Frankengrizzly 8 Sep 2022

Thx Buddy ;)

Avatar of scip
scip 9 Sep 2022

thx a lot !!!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 10 Sep 2022

Thank's a lot : works very good !

Avatar of scip
scip 13 Sep 2022

can u make the external sound lower and the internal a little quiter would be awesome^^
how are ur sound settings ?

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