UP Heritage Collection SD70ACe Audio Mod

Changes the engine sounds on the UP Heritage SD70ACes, same as the Sherman Hill Locomotive Audio Mod.


Installation Instructions

Drop the .pak(s) into your DLC folder (Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC).

Additional Comments

Compiled by Yuri, thank you!

Tags: audio emd-sd70ace heritage-unit heritageunit sd70ace sound sound-mod soundmod tsw3 union-pacific


SHUPSD70HCEngAudio-TSW4.pak 2 MB · Added 18 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 504×

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Avatar of Noah H Railfan
Noah H Railfan 22 Feb 2023

Could you do horn mods for SPG?

Avatar of Noah H Railfan
Noah H Railfan 23 Feb 2023

Does that work for TSW3 since it is from TSW2?

Avatar of Arch
Arch 24 Feb 2023

Yes, audio mods in tsw2 work in tsw3 cuz the unreal version did not change.

Avatar of Noah H Railfan
Noah H Railfan 24 Feb 2023

Ok thanks.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 23 Feb 2023

Good job !

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 15 Mar 2023

Is there anyway to make the bell ring like idk, 35% faster? asking for both this and the OG SD70 sounds, Other than that it is amazing

Avatar of Drewster327
Drewster327 9 Jan 2024

Does this replace this Bell with a Electronic Bell?

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