NJT ALP-44 Classic & SEPTA ALP-44 Classic Skin Pack !

Alright here's the Deal

You'll get the:

NJ-Transit- ALP-44 Skin with better improvements


All I can say is I tried I just wanted to improve the skins make look a lot better the before

To think that DTG can have a Bi-level with no paint job or nothing is just very odd

So keep an eye out for these

I do hope you guys enjoy

Just wanted to have fun over here making these
and I didn't make these for one person I made em for everyone

Please Stay tuned for my next com coming up- MARC AEM-7 & MARC III Kawasaki Bi-Level-Skin for the Bombardier Bi-levels -Pack!


Must Have: - Northeast Corridor-Add-On It's a MUST!

Installation Instructions

To Install

Copy all folders and go to:

  1. Steam/steamapps/common/Railworks/Assets/RSC/NortheastCorridor/RailVehicles/Electric/AEM7

and Paste them

Now go to:

Copy the AEM-7.GeoPcDx File and paste it into "NJT-ALP-44 Classic" & "SEPTA-ALP-44 Classic"
Do this for the current folders from -NJT ALP-44 MARC AEM-7 & SEPTA ALP-44 Skin Pack

Please Note these ARE SKINS!

Good to Go!

The MARC AEM-7 Will be the Next Mod to be uploaded as a Pack! keep an eye out !

Additional Comments

Next Mod will be the MARC AEM-7 & MARC III Kawasaki Bi-Level-Skin for the Bombardier Bi-levels

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NJ-TRANSIT ALP-44 Skin & SEPTA ALP-44 SKIN PACK.zip 28 MB · Added 5 Jul 2021 · Downloaded 530×


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Clown 5 Jul 2021

Why would this be under british lol

Avatar of NJTransitCommuterRail

Not quite sure, well see what we can do to fix that.

Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 8 Jul 2021

Is it ok if I upload this to RWA with your permission

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5StarModder 9 Jul 2021


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5StarModder 8 Jul 2021

This is the BEST, I have searched everywhere for an NJT ALP 44 and it's right here. I give this a 1000/1000

Avatar of LP
LP 7 Jan 2022

Alpha channel?

Avatar of kris120
kris120 10 Apr 2022

LP, you are right, these glow like ... PLEASE add an alpha channel, at least the original one, better a repainted one. Thanks

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