Empty Belly

Estimated around 45-60min, easy scenario with only the brake distance to worry about
Strongly recommand play this with low visibility weather such as heavy rain
Scenario set in 1960
Drivers! Today you will handle this ex-War Department Austerity 2-8-0 based on LMS 8F. However it wasn't painted in the BR Black but a railway on the other side of the earth. The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) Department imported 12 of these locomotive in 1946. This specific one, no.21, the first in KCRD's fleet, has gone out of action 4 years ago. Lucky for her, she didn't end into scrap like another 8 of her class. KCRD now wish to repair and rehaul her so she can be borrow to China Railway for express service between GuangZhou and Hong Kong.
Guess they won't get their express service this year as BR, due to the frequent failure of the diesels, BR 'borrow' this locomotive as it completed the repairment in North British Locomotive in Glasglow.
As this locomotive was borrowed assest, you better be careful with it! Any damage to the locomotive will likely hinder relationship between BR and KCRD, then BR won't be able to sell any Diesel Locomotive to KCRD, despite probably nobody think BR will able to do that anyway as EMD start pouring their locomotive in that tiny railway...
00:00 Depart at Redcar Mineral Port ASAP as we are delaying a local service in British Steel Station.
00:14 Pass Grangetown
00:17 Pass Cargo Fleet
00:19 Pass Middlesbrough
00:24 Pass Thronaby
00:29 Pass Eaglescliffe
00:30 Pass Allens West
00:34 Pass Teesside Airport
00:36 Pass Dinsdale
00:42 STOP at Darlington and relief for 10min.
Well, it should be accurate until you noticed the dispatcher today decided to send a badly delayed Stopper service by the Jubilee infront of you...
1: This scenario involved Class 20, 37, 40, 101, 8F and Jubilee
2: All of the Diesels should be in BR Green
3: You are operating a Class J Mineral service, set your light according to theRevised RCH light code.
4: This consist are unfitted, ensure you considered the brake distance when approaching red light.


Tees Valley Line (TVL) DLC
Spirit of Steam (SOS) DLC
West Cornwall Local (WCL) DLC
West Somerset Railway (WSR) DLC
Northern Trans-Pennine (NTP) DLC
BR Heavy Freight Pack (HFP) DLC
BR Class 20 DLC
BR Class 31 DLC


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Move the .sav file to your "\Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames" folder

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2 Jun 2022
2 Jun 2022
Train Sim World 2
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Steam version (UE4 4.26), Epic Games Store version (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23)