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With this mod, the BR 425 gets a completely new destination list. Some destinations were changed to better depict the real destinations and many useless destinations got replaced with some more useful ones. This adds the destinations needed for the BR 425 on SKA (in the Expansion Pack timetable) and the destinations used in HMA's timetable got also added so you don't have to switch mods when changing routes anymore. In addition some destinations for RSN, MSB and RRO were added in v1.1. Also, "Nicht Einsteigen" is replaced by "DB Regio NRW", so that it is no longer displayed as a default everywhere when destinations are missing. "Nicht einsteigen" is of course still included in the list, but now in a different place.

A special challenge was that the AI also displays the correct revised destinations (RE11 KS-Wilhelmshöhe and Donauwörth). But fortunately, I was able to get that working.

For some of the destinations to be correctly displayed, the BR 425 version of my Mod Matrix Destination Displays Characters Expanded (make sure to use v1.3 or higher) is needed.

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Hauptstrecke-Rhein Ruhr


Additional Comments

Destination List

DB Regio NRW (replaces Nicht Einsteigen as the default destination)
RE6: Köln/Bonn Flugh., Düsseldorf Hbf, Dortmund Hbf, Bielefeld Hbf, Minden (Westf)
RE8: Kaldenkirchen, M'gladbach Hbf, Rommerskirchen, Köln Messe / Deutz, Linz (Rhein), Koblenz Hbf
RE11: Düsseldorf Hbf, M'gladbach Hbf, Duisburg Hbf, Essen Hbf, Dortmund Hbf, Hamm (Westf), KS-Wilhelmshöhe
RE16: Essen Hbf, Hagen Hbf, Iserlohn, Siegen Hbf
RB27: M'gladbach Hbf, Linz (Rhein), Koblenz Hbf
RB33: Aachen Hbf, Essen Hbf
RB48: Bonn-Mehlem, Bonn Hbf, Köln Hbf, Wuppertal Hbf, W-Oberbarmen
RB91: Hagen Hbf, Iserlohn, Siegen Hbf
S1: Dortmund, Solingen, Essen (for the default HRR scenarios)
HMA: München Hbf, Donauwörth, Dinkelscherben, Ulm Hbf
MSB: Aschaffenburg Hbf, Heigenbrücken, Lohr Bf, Gemünden (Main), Würzburg Hbf
Nicht einsteigen

Version Notes

31 May 2022: v1.3
Made the mod compatible with the 30 May 2022 update for HRR.

  • in addition, the RE11 services will now show the correct new destinations (Düsseldorf Hbf, KS-Wilhelmshöhe)

31 March 2022: v1.2
Added RE8 Köln Messe/Deutz, RE8 Linz (Rhein) and RB27 Linz (Rhein) destinations.

01 March 2022: v1.1

  • completely remade the destination list with a new method that allows an unlimited number of destinations to be added in a desired order (only working line numbers are still limited)
    • because of this now (amongst many others) destinations for RSN, MSB and RRO were added to this mod

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EiHowa 4 months ago

Very nice mod, I just would really love this vehicle to drive on the RB Aschaffenburg-Heigenbrücken on Main-Spessart Bahn. I don't think that Main-Spessart Bahn needs such a huge Pack as the one for Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr but that would be really nice (these destinations could be instead of S3 to Essen and Köln)

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