BNSF H3 SD70ACe version 1.1.0

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway heritage 3 livery for the Electro-Motive Division SD70ACe. I figured this would be a fitting addition to Sherman Hill and was a fun livery to recreate for the SD70ACe :) ;any feedback on the texture is always greatly appreciated!


BNSF is the second largest customer for the SD70ACe, ordering 650 units for their roster - only being beaten out by The Union Pacific Railway with 687 units on their roster. The cab of the SD70ACe has several serious defects, mainly that of the cab used by BNSF; which, after several concerns with violent shaking due to excess loud noise vibrations and the unfortunate fatal Red Oak collision in Iowa, has reduced 70 non IsoCab SD70ACe's to being trailing units only. BNSF is slowly replacing the SD70ACe with the SD70MACe, a rebuild of the SD70MAC with improved Mitsubishi traction motors and electronics to replace the Siemens traction motors, boasting 786 SD70MAC's whilst slowly modernizing them - these models were originally built for BNSF but were later also built for CSX Transportation and The Kansas City Southern Railway.

BUFFIE, BNSF SD70ACe #9163, 2013, Denver Colorado.


  • Train Sim World® 2
  • Train Sim World 2: Sherman Hill: Cheyenne - Laramie Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Install using the TSW2 Livery Manager by RagingLighting and follow the necessary steps to install and setup the program before continuing.

  1. Unzip the file and extract the liveries' file you wish to use
  2. Place the livery files into your TSW2LM Reskins folder
  3. Open the Livery Manager and click the first reskin and click a free spot on the right
  4. Click " IMPORT -> "
  5. Repeat for other reskin if applicable
  6. Load TSW2 and ensure the liveries load properly
  7. Have fun! :D

Additional Comments


The format is based on Keep a Changelog,
and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.1.0] - 2021-12-17

  • A changelog :)
  • Increased Livery Manager layer limit
  • Hazard markings to radiators
  • detail to engine and cabinet latches
  • light weathering and smoke damage
  • brigthness of black details
  • short hood black sun-glare material edging
  • detailing of left ladder to cab emergency door

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Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 29 Nov 2021

W😲W!!! Awesome

Avatar of Private Miller
Private Miller 29 Nov 2021

Thank you! I'm glad you liked and enjoyed the livery :D

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 29 Nov 2021

Can u do UP 1111?

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 29 Nov 2021
And that 1st photo wwith the 3 locos is AWSOME how u do it? 
Avatar of Private Miller
Private Miller 29 Nov 2021

Hi Alpha! I use a free IOS app called: "Photoleap", by Lightricks. It's only on IOS but I've used just the free version and it's done well and been a really nice, small photo editor I've used for years. I created a custom scenario and set the time to be in the morning when the sun was rising to the east, took a screenshot, and I applied a few filters and adjusted some of the values myself - as well as adding a blur and that neat light effect you can see over the short hood :) . I Hope that helps!

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 29 Nov 2021

thanks, how do you feel of making UP 1111?

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 30 Nov 2021

lol That would definitely need the unlimited layers mod. :o)

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 30 Nov 2021


Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 29 Nov 2021

Great livery. I've added numbers to it for use in my game. (Used the unlimited layers mod)

Could you do an NS SD70 too?

Avatar of Railfanner365
Railfanner365 1 Dec 2021

good, but i think the black is a bit too black, wiuld look better as a really dark grey

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 1 Dec 2021

Ok, i know im asking alot, bt how about CN 8952

Avatar of Igneous
Igneous 2 Dec 2021

Would look weird with the headlights on the top

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 2 Dec 2021

OH oops!

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 1 Dec 2021

or a CP SD70ACe?

Avatar of Igneous
Igneous 2 Dec 2021

They don't have SD70ACes only ACUs but again the headlight placement is off. All 5 US class ones work as well as all ACe heritage units on UP and NS. With that being said you probably do not care about the accuracy to rl.

Avatar of dnold4
dnold4 2 Dec 2021

CSX Next?

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 2 Dec 2021

thats been done by someone else

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 5 Dec 2021

Gorgeous reskin! Thanks.

Avatar of diegotrga
diegotrga 6 Dec 2021

Hi, Great reskin! Did you use the TSW2 editor or did you do it through an external means?

Avatar of Private Miller
Private Miller 6 Dec 2021

Hi! I use the in game livery editor for all of my reskins, and I've very recently begun using the Unlimited Livery Editor Layers mod from TrainSimCZ to use in making more detailed reskins. I'm thinking of releasing a version 2 of some of my older liveries that will use more than 300 layers to include more details I had to omit - thanks!

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 6 Dec 2021

Can u do a HU!

Avatar of Hornblower 9000
Hornblower 9000 17 Feb 2022

Great reskins, do you think you would be able to add cabside numbers please?

Avatar of Private Miller
Private Miller 17 Feb 2022

Hey HB! - I personally don't like adding numbers to the sides of my locomotives because it kind of bothers me having all my locomotives in a consist having the same numbers but different numberboards. But I know others do like the numbers however so I encourage you to download it and add in your own numbers that you want; this can be done by downloading and installing the unlimited layers mod for TSW2 —Not sure if it's available in MacOS or Linux— and adding your own in the livery manager - I do all my reskins there to make it easier for anyone to edit them to fine tune the liveries to their likings : )

  • If you have any questions about the process don't worry I'd love to answer them!
Avatar of Hornblower 9000
Hornblower 9000 18 Feb 2022

Hi PM, Thanks for your reply; Ok I'll have a try at the Livery myself, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say!

Avatar of Nolan the great
Nolan the great 17 Dec 2021

I can't figure out how to install it

Avatar of Private Miller
Private Miller 18 Dec 2021

Hi Nolan, to help you install TSW2 liveries I found a very good tutorial by Steven Jam that I used when I needed to figure out installing liveries for TSW2, and personally I prefer a video of someone showing me how to do something than a list of text :) - ( this video goes over how to install the Livery Manager and how to install liveries and see them in-game.

  • I'm not sure how far along the install process you are, but if you have livery manager installed and working, my reskins are inside the zip file you download from this site, I place them in there to keep them organized on my hard-drive, the file you want to install with the livery manager is inside of it, and I'm not certain but you may require 7 zip to extract it. But if you have more information on what step you're stuck on I can help you better with the install if the video doesn't help first.
Avatar of Nolan the great
Nolan the great 17 Dec 2021

I looked at the instructions to install it but its just really confusing

Avatar of Nolan the great
Nolan the great 17 Dec 2021

Can i have a little help on trying to install this

Avatar of Nolan the great
Nolan the great 17 Dec 2021

Nvm i give up its too hard


we need updated 2022 version of how to install modded liveries. The old version does not work. We cant download anypaint jobs to put on the trains

Avatar of oct197
oct197 27 Mar 2022

the tutorial by stevan jam seems outdated because I don't see a tsw.m.exe file

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