BNSF H2 Dash 8-40CW

Hi! This is a burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Heritage 2 livery that was made for the C40-8W locomotive. I've always liked the heritage 2 liveries for the nostalgia I have for them when I played Microsoft Train Simulator as a small lad, so I figured I would make one of my own to share. The livery utilizes the Unlimited Livery Editor Layors mod and in total has 1000 shapes exactly :) and contains just about every detail I could notice from several different referance photos and TSW3 helping to solve the mystery of what those little triangular warning stickers were on the steps I kept seeing but couldn't make out 100% thorugh the pixels of old pictures lol - if there are any discrepancies and mistakes found please let me know, even if it's just a typo here, I would love to fix them! :D


There isn't a great deal of information about why/how Heritage 2 (H2) was created; but, BNSF began the H2 era in 1999 by using H1 for for their standard cabs and H2 for their wide cabs (sometimes outliers will appear, and typically H1 was reserved for non mainline freight and yard switching locomotives Vs. H2's "premium" loco paint). The livery consists of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF) letter font for a BNSF gold logo on the sides with a gold AT&SF warbonnet type front hood logo. The locomotive also includes a Burlington Northern Santa Fe version of the Santa Fe cross logo on the rear in black and gold. H2 would go on to be replaced after six years of service in 2005 by Heritage 3 - H3 being different by moving away from green and orange for black and orange as well as replacing the BNSF 'AT&SF' font side lettering and hood logo for the modern "Swoosh" logo, thereby replacing all the original Burlington Northern and the original Santa Fe logos and colors, creating a completely new design, and replacing the past H2s and H1s. The last H2 I am able to find that was repainted was in a photo by Jeff Carlson on 5/17/2009.

Griffin Matthew, BNSF #905 In Heritage Two Livery, 2014, Barstow California.

Also as a side note to anyone who likes having numbers on the sides of their locomotives, in case you don't have the unlimited livery editor layors mod, I included at the very end of the livery in the shapes catagory just before the gradients are 2 groups that look like three orange zeros, these are pre placed numbers in their correct positions and spacings for you, they are currently colored orange with the rest of the locomotive so they will be invisible for people who don't like them to ignore. All that is required to add your own numbers is to ungroup them, change their shape to the numbers you want, and to color them black so they become visible. There are three digits only available as there are no four digit Dash 8s operated by BNSF. I know some people enjoy having them so I figured I should make it as simple as possible for you to customize to your hearts content :)


  • Train Sim World® 2
  • CSX C40-8W Loco Add-On

Installation Instructions

Install using the TSW2 Livery Manager by RagingLighting and follow the necessary steps to install and setup the program before continuing.

  1. Unzip the file and extract the liveries' file you wish to use
  2. Place the livery files into your TSW2LM Reskins folder
  3. Open the Livery Manager and click the first reskin and click a free spot on the right
  4. Click " IMPORT -> "
  5. Repeat for other reskin if applicable
  6. Load TSW2 and ensure the liveries load properly
  7. Have fun! :D

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AlphaSquad18288 30 Sept 2022

nice, could you make the 25th anniversary fleet for the Cajon Pass? Please

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