BC Rail C40-8M '4622' (SPG C40-8W Livery)

BC Rail is the name of British Columbia Railway since 1984 to 2004
The colour code are based on CN Heritage Unit #3115 in BC Rail Livery
BC Rail has a glorious history that can trace back to 1912 as Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE), to 1972 as British Columbia Railway, and BC Rail since 1984.
BC Rail was once the 3rd biggest railway in Canada with 2320km mainline.
n 2010, two BC Liberal Party ministerial aides pleaded guilty to charges of breach of trust and receiving a benefit for leaking information about the BC Rail leasing process, with both being sentenced to two-years less-a-day house arrest and 150 hours of community service. (From Wikipedia)
This is the 4622 in around 2001 before the CN take over.


Sand Patch Grade (SPG)
CSX C40-8W
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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DistantCase 28 Apr 2022

The real one is actually one of them wierd locomotives that CN, And BC Rail had in there fleet. But nice repaint!

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KCRCRailway 28 Apr 2022

The repaint was done with reference to other's colour code and a lot of help from Nozomi, both of us will appreciate if you press the thumb up :P

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DistantCase 30 Apr 2022

Ok, I did great work too!

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