BR 403 022 "München" - Pride ICE 3

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This pack includes the Pride livery as seen on unit number 304 of the ICE 3 for all versions of that train in TSW. There are also seperate versions for TSW 2 and 3 for the HMA version as liveries for the two are no longer compatible, this means that you can use it regardless of the game you are playing on.

The liveries have been made with an extremely high attention to detail and include replications of real life information stickers and prototypical technical writing on the side of the trains copied from reference images and videos of this unit in service. The colours used on the reskin were taken from DB Data where this was appropriate as well as colour picking tools followed by some light tweaking where this data wasn't sufficient or the visuals didn't match expectations. The recognisable stripe that can be seen on all ICE 3 trains was also implemented as closely as possible to make the train fit in amongst all other ICE 3s, although this is not perfect due to the nature of the livery designer.

Finally, I have also made an effort to lightly weather the train to stop it from looking overly clean and unused, this is far from perfect but should still improve the visuals and help the train look as realistic as possible. Thanks to matin5598 for helping me with advice on how to go about adding weathering effects.


Installation Instructions

This livery can be installed by using Raging Lightning's Livery Manager, a tutorial on how to do this can be found here:

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Patch Notes

  1. November 2022:
  • ICE 3 Pride for BR 403 (KWG).tsw3 - Initial Release
  • ICE 3 Pride for BR 403 (HMA).tsw3 - Initial Release
  • RF_MAG_DB_ICE3;BR 403 Pride.tsw2liv - Initial Release

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ICE 3 Pride for BR 403 (HMA).tsw3 169 KB · Added 6 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 436×

HMA Version; TSW 3 only

ICE 3 Pride for BR 403 (KWG).tsw3 169 KB · Added 6 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 493×

KWG Version; TSW 3 only

RF_MAG_DB_ICE3;BR 403 Pride.tsw2liv 2 MB · Added 6 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 320×

HMA Version; TSW 2 only


Avatar of Folezz
Folezz 6 Nov 2022

Well done, Very well made!

Avatar of NoZen
NoZen 18 Jul 2023

In the game, the logos are not that, the DB logo, etc.

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6 Nov 2022
6 Nov 2022
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