Requires Sand Patch Grade
By Yuri

This creates a standalone version of the traditional CSX AC4400CW and replaces it's textures with the AC6000CW YN2b scheme and markings.
It also changes the loco to say "AC6000CW YN3b" and "AC6000CW YN2" on the selection screen!
It also will now say AC6000CW in any menu in the game!

Thanks to Alexander L, this mod is now a standalone loco! So you can now have both AC4400CWs and AC6000CWs in the world at the same time!

Fixed the materials to enable the unit to work in TSW3.
Fixed the RVN on the YN2 AC6000CW to remove residual AC4400CW numbers

NOTE: There are two separate paks. One for TSW2 and one for TSW3. Choose only the one for your game.
TS2Prototype-AC6000CW2-RH-Yuri.pak = TSW2
TS2Prototype-AC6000CW2-TSW3-Yuri.pak = TSW3

This mod was migrated from the original Train Sim Community mods website. For more information, click here.


Train Sim World 2
Affects CSX Heavy Haul AC4400CW

Installation Instructions

To install simply drop the PAK in the DLC folder normally found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

To uninstall simply delete the PAK file.

Tags: csx ge north-america-reskin tsc-migrated tsw2-legacy-na-loco


TS2Prototype-AC6000CW2-RH-Yuri.pak 52 MB · Added 31 Mar 2022 · Downloaded 592× TS2Prototype-AC6000CW2-TSW3-Yuri.pak 52 MB · Added 8 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 353×

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 24 Apr 2021

Good job !

Avatar of Thomas J Weller
Thomas J Weller 29 Jul 2021

hello there i does download that mod but it not working i need some help please

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 28 Mar 2022

how do the numbers match

Avatar of M-A-X
M-A-X 24 Apr 2022

Does it really have 6000HP or it's just a texture?

Avatar of Spectate Randumb Bot


Avatar of OleDre
OleDre 22 Mar 2023

At the very top it states (Requires Sand Patch Grade By Yuri) I looked and found no mods by yuri for sand patch grade, the only mod I found by yuri is this https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c3-train-sim-world/c20-sounds/i394-sand-patch-grade-horn-mod
Is this the mod that is required for this mod to work?

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 28 Mar 2023

That's an old text thing. Yuri is my actual name.

What that should say is that this mod is made by Yuri (me) and the Sand Patch Grade is required in order for it to work.

Avatar of iliiketrains
iliiketrains 24 Mar 2023

Everytime i load in a scenerio with this locomotive mod, the game crashes. Is there a fix for this?

Avatar of Lunamoon
Lunamoon 28 Mar 2023

Are you on Train Sim World 3 or Train Sim World 2?

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