HRR Timetable Improvements: PIS Data, Static Stock & Freight Formations Swap

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First of all this mod contains reworked PIS data for most of the services in the Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr timetable. Even after the route got it's platform departure boards officially, the ICs still miss their off world stations. With this mod you can explore all the different services to destinations all over Germany. The data for the regional services also isn't just copy/paste anymore, there are some unique service patterns and final destinations included too. Can you spot them all?

The second main feature of this mod are the swapped formations on the freight services. The freight services in HRR's vanilla timetable aren't really realistic so I changed them into light loco runs, ICE ECS and steel trains. There also is an additional pak file included that makes the steel train much heavier. The service should still be doable (at least with the BR 185) but it will be much more of a challenge, especially with heavy rain or snow. More details will be in the patch notes below.

With the 0.3 update I experimented a little with static stock to populate some of the yards around Essen. There are trains from HRR (BR 422, 425), RRO (BR 422) and HMA (BR 403) used as static stock. The latter two obviously require their respective add ons.

Last but not least I reworked all the service titles so the real origin and destination of the service are included in them.

Known Issues
  • The former freight (now steel train / loco move / ECS) services have a few red signals in them, this is intended. As long as the signal gets green eventually, everything works fine.
  • When the vanilla timetable gets an update, this mod likely won't work anymore and has to be remade.
  • The 11:07 freight service isn't able to depart because an AI train is blocking it's way when you spawn the service from the menu. This is also happening in the unmodded version and not the mod's fault.

Other than that: Timetable edits are always highly vulnerable for issues. Keep an eye on anything unusual and report the issues to me please.

Special thanks go out to Aran who helped me with all the research for the PIS data, provided his advice and opinions and who tested many services to spot potential bugs.

Support my work

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  • Hauptstrecke-Rhein Ruhr
  • Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg & Rhein-Ruhr Osten
    • when you don't own one of the add ons, you will miss the MSB layer (Dosto REs and Freight), the rest of the mod will still work
    • both have a separate layer for some static stock


Optional; only needed for some rare destinations to display correctly.

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

03 June 2022
Remade the whole mod after the update of May 30th.

  • Added static stock (13 trains) around Essen to populate some of the yards
    • HMA and RRO layers included
  • Swapped freight consists and edited service name and description accordingly, there now are:
    • 10 Heavy Steel Train services
      • consisting of the BR 185.5 MRCE (RRO) and steel cars from RRO and MSB
    • 10 Light Loco services
      • BR 185.5 MRCE (RRO)
    • 10 ICE 3 ECS services
      • BR 403 (HMA)
  • Added off map destinations and intermediate stops for IC services
  • Reworked PIS data for most regional services
    • RE 11 now does Hamm (Westf) - Mönchengladbach again
    • RE 2 now does Düsseldorf - Münster again
    • unique service patterns for regional trains included (for example some RE 11 already terminate at Dortmund in the night)
    • added space to line numbers
    • corrected some small mistakes in the off map stations
  • Reworked all service names so they include the real origin and destination

06 February 2022
Initial release of the mod, removed patch notes as it was since remade.

  • Added TP-HRR-Timetable-Improvements-Extreme-Freight-v0_1.pak
    • increases the weight of the steel train from around 1100 t to 1960 t
    • only use this if you want to crawl over the route
    • this is an additional patch and only works with the main mod

Tags: hauptstrecke-rhein-ruhr


TP-HRR-Timetable-Improvements-Extreme-Freight-v0_1.pak 2 KB · Downloaded 778×

Additional patch to the main mod, nearly doubles weight of the steel train.

TP-HRR-Timetable-Improvements-v0_3.pak 1 MB · Downloaded 861× TSW2 readme.txt 1 KB · Downloaded 263×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 605 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 6 Feb 2022

I just want to say THANKS for doing so many great and useful mods for TSW2.

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 6 Feb 2022

You are welcome :)

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 14 Feb 2022

when I tried this mod out for the first time it worked correctly and it was great 10/10, but just a few days later the destinations on both the boards and in and out of the IC coaches were bugged.

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 14 Feb 2022

You installed the EC 8 scenario destinations which aren’t compatible with the TT mod.

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 14 Feb 2022

ok then

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 14 Feb 2022


Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 14 Feb 2022

by 'in and out of the IC coaches', I mean that the destination boards that were inside and outside of the coaches showing the origin, the intermediate stops and the destination were bugged.

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 14 Feb 2022

so I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, then uninstall and reinstall this mod, and then it wouldn't work. Is there any way to fix the bugs on the boards without having to uninstall and reinstall the mod again?

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 12 Apr 2022

if possible, can you also do the PIS data which comes from this mod for MAG because

  1. The PIS boards need updating like in this mod
  2. More IC services (and occasional EC and night services) to the timetable for the DB BR 101
Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 12 Apr 2022

More services aren‘t really possible. About point 1: someone else is already working on a timetable mod for HMA / MAG so I don’t do something on there as I don’t want to have my mod be obsolete soon. No idea if that‘ll ever get released though.

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 12 Apr 2022

oh ok

Avatar of sonny.bushel
sonny.bushel 12 Apr 2022

MAG = Hauptstrecke Munchen - Augsburg

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 3 Jun 2022

Excellent idea for the static stock on Essen, it's so much more realistic, which is missing from too many German roads on TSW, like Hamburg-Lubeck which is a desert. Many thanks for your work.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 4 Jun 2022

Good job !

Avatar of TaskPlays
TaskPlays 4 Jun 2022

Thanks :)

Avatar of CapitolLimited
CapitolLimited 5 Jun 2022

This would go great with a 422 sound mod

Avatar of Justin H.
Justin H. 5 Jun 2022

Wow! Schön gemacht! Könntest du bitte mal eine Art "Tutorial" machen, wie man diesen statischen Bestand an den einzelnen deutschen Strecken hinzufügt? Ich finde teilweise die Bahnhöfe/Abstellungen extrem "leer" was mich schon ein wenig stört, obwohl in der Reailität dort mehr los ist.

Würde mich darüber freuen :-)

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