Better Blue First Great Western TSW2/TSW3

This mod adjusts the colour of the FGW HST and 166 to be more true to life!
I felt the FGW stuff in the base game was a bit too bright, and full of wrong hues.
It just didn't really look right at all, so this mod aims to fix that!

UPDATED TSW3 Compatible (05/10/2022)
With another big thanks to Alexander L., this mod is now compatible with TSW3!

You'll have to download the new file for TSW3, and the old one for TSW2!
Do note this only applies to the main pack 'BetterBlueFGW' and the versions that only have the one 166 will still work on both games
Also, do make sure you download the TSW3 updated version of Foobian & Alexander L.'s update fixes!

There are four different versions of this mod:
!Laika-Alex-BetterBlueFGW-TSW3 - RECOMMENDED FOR TSW3: This contains the HST and BOTH versions of the Class 166!
!TS2Prototype-Laika-Alex-BetterBlueFGW - RECOMMENDED FOR TSW2: This contains the HST and BOTH versions of the Class 166!
!TS2Prototype-Laika-BetterBlueFGW-Plain166 - This contains the HST and the later plain blue version of the Class 166.
!TS2Prototype-Laika-BetterBlueFGW-DynamicLines166 - This contains the HST and the Dynamic Lines version of the Class 166.

Compared the colours with quite a few different real life photos so it's as close as my eye thinks for now,
do bare in mind your monitor and your ini settings may vary the result.

I would recommend adding 'r.ToneMapperFilm=0' to your engine.ini for some of the best results.
I've also uploaded my .ini to this site so you can download that if you wish!
If you don't know how to do this, just ask in the TSC Discord and someone will help you out!

This mod also adjusts the reflectiveness of the FGW AND GWR stock, but not by much.

You will need the FGW Enabler mod from for this to work!

UPDATE: 03/07/2022
With a big thanks to Alexander L. once again, you can now have BOTH versions of the 166 in one pack!

UPDATE: 02/07/2022

Because of the recent pres crew update to GWE, you will need to download Foobian & Alexander L.'s 'GWE's First Great Western: June 20th 2022 Update Fixes' for FULL compatability and to allow the FGW stuff to appear on the route. I will add this as a dependancy down below, you will still need the FGW Enabler mod.


FGW Enabler Mod
GWE's First Great Western: June 20th 2022 Update Fixes


Installation Instructions

Just drop into your DLC folder.

Additional Comments

I didn't adjust the size of the decal on the side of the Plain 166, this is because I don't know how to add new decals in the editor yet.
I plan to fix this once I learn!

Tags: class-166 class-43 fgw first great-western hst


!Laika-Alex-BetterBlueFGW-TSW3.pak 64 MB · Added 5 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 1,085×

TSW3 Version

!TS2Prototype-Laika-Alex-BetterBlueFGW.pak 64 MB · Added 2 Jul 2022 · Downloaded 929×

TSW2 Version

!TS2Prototype-Laika-BetterBlueFGW-DynamicLines166.pak 52 MB · Added 21 May 2022 · Downloaded 1,251× !TS2Prototype-Laika-BetterBlueFGW-Plain166.pak 50 MB · Added 21 May 2022 · Downloaded 1,111×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 7 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of rj1
rj1 21 May 2022

Nice bit of work, the colours do seem more representative of the real thing. I have set tonemapperfilm to 0 as suggested. Can you tell me what you understand this setting to actually do. Thanks

Avatar of Laika
Laika 21 May 2022

Setting it to zero essentially makes the visuals have less contrast, with a lot less harsh blacks and dark shadows. The colours also change a small amount too, some people like the flatter, more photo real look and some don't, but it's up to you!

Avatar of TheGodfather
TheGodfather 22 May 2022

can we have a link to the mod from the other site please as when u go to it dont know where to find it and also is it in date as old mods make the game crash

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 22 May 2022

This never occured to me, but it looks so much more reslistic now. Thanks.

Avatar of BlakeSW
BlakeSW 1 Jul 2022

I dont think its this mod but i cant select the fgw livery, any help?

Avatar of Laika
Laika 2 Jul 2022

Just updated the dependencies!
Install 'GWE's First Great Western: June 20th 2022 Update Fixes' and it should be selectable for you again!

Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 8 Jul 2022

Excellent job! Thanks for the hard work & success in getting all 3 of the 166 versions to be selectable!

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