RABe 523 Abellio Destination Improvements

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This mod includes a completely new Destination List used on the RABe 523 "Flirt" inluded in the Luzern - Sursee route which features a large selection of destinations used by Abellio in the Ruhr area.

The destinations are set to work on both the exterior PIS screens on the front and the side of the train as well as inside the cab selection screen and on the displays in the passenger compartment. The list includes some special destinations as well es an extensive choice for destinations used on various TSW routes like Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr and Ruhr-Sieg Nord, all of which have been recreated from real-life reference images of the destinations on the FLIRT 1. They have also been ordered in an intuitive way that makes finding the correct destination as easy as possible.

An optional .txt file can also be obtained that lists all destinations as well es the code that needs to be entered on the numpad to obtain it.

A comprehensive list of changes can be found below:

  • Added a selection of Abellio NRW destinations, this applies to the interior and exterior displays:
    • Empty
    • Nicht einsteigen
    • Abellio
    • RB40: Essen Hbf, Bochum Hbf, Hagen Hbf
    • RB46: Gelsenkirchen, Bochum Hbf
    • RB91: Hagen Hbf, Iserlohn, Finnentrop, Siegen
    • RE16: Essen Hbf, Bochum Hbf, Hagen Hbf, Iserlohn, Finnentrop, Siegen
  • Replicated real-life font as closely as possible
  • Implemented in a way that makes finding the correct destination intuitive


Installation Instructions

Download the .pak file and move it into TSW's DLC directory, this is usually located here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC"

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

  1. November 2022:
  • Aran-RABe-523-Abellio-Destination-Extension-v1.0.pak - Initial Release
  • Aran-RABe-523-Abellio-Destinations-List-v1.0.txt - Initial Release

Tags: abellio abellio-deutschland flirt hauptstrecke-rhein-ruhr nrw pis rabe-523 ruhr-sieg-nord


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Good job !

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