"Bundesbahn" Blue BR 363 Replacement

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After releasing a BR 363 in DB Railion Red livery as a standalone loco DLC for Ruhr-Sieg Nord, DTG decided to reskin it into the older Bundesbahn livery and include it in two other German routes, Dresden - Riesa and Dresden - Chemnitz. Since then, every route with a 363 will have a chance of it appearing in the blue Bundesbahn livery despite this version of the train being very rare nowadays, the red liveried version is also not at all available on Dreden - Riesa and you can only chose between the two blue variations.

This mod replaces the Bundesbahn 363 with the DB Railion version for both routes, with a version for Dresden - Riesa and a seperate version for Dresden - Chemnitz. With both mods installed, the blue livery for the 363 will no longer appear anywhere in the game, and you will also be able to use the DB Railion livery on Dresden Riesa where this was not previously possible in timetable mode.

This mod does not change any route timetables, this means that all layer requirements will stay the same and players without DRA or DCZ will not gain the 363 services that layer on from that route. For example, players with Bremen - Oldenburg will still not be able to drive the 363 services if they do not own DRA.

A comprehensive list of changes can be found below:

  • Replaces the Bundesbahn 363 with the DB Railion 363 on all routes
    • Bundebahn 363 will no longer appear on any routes
    • Seperate versions for DRA and DCZ
    • Makes the DB Railion 363 available on routes where it previously wasn't, like DRA
  • Does not replace any layer requirements


Installation Instructions

Download the .pak file of your choice and move it into TSW's DLC directory, this is usually located here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC"

Additional Comments

Patch Notes

  1. January 2023:
  • Aran-DRA-BR-363-Replacement-v1.0.pak - Initial Release
  • Aran-DCZ-BR-363-Replacement-v1.0.pak - Initial Release

Known Issues

Some scenarios no longer work with this mod as the dispatcher no longer recognises the player train in some cases and doesn't set your path properly. So far, only the "Cut and Shunt" scenario on Dresden - Chemnitz has proven to no longer work, but it is possible that other BR 363 scenarios will also stop working.

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Aran-DCZ-BR-363-Replacement-v1.0.pak 2 KB · Added 15 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 351×

Dresden - Chemnitz Version

Aran-DRA-BR-363-Replacement-v1.0.pak 2 KB · Added 15 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 358×

Dresden - Riesa Version


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solicitr 12 Mar 2023

Nice! I always wondered why DTG chose to use a museum loco which doesn't even belong to DB any more, and certainly no working DB shunters have worn blue in years.

Mind you, the Railion brand has been defunct since 2016, when it was replaced with DB Cargo.

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15 Jan 2023
15 Jan 2023
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