UK Rolling Stock Orange PIS Fix (TSW4 Compatible)

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I have finally managed to banish that awful awful yellow PIS colour that has plague our UK content since the release of TSW3. I've taken the colour from the station PIS boards themselves so everything is all matchy-matchy!

I believe this fixes every UK train released since TSW3 came out, I'll put a list down below just to make sure.
If you have any problems or I've missed something feel free to message me in the TSC Discord.

Affected Trains:
Class 700 TL
Class 395 SE
Class 465 SE
Class 375 Blue

Class 375 White/Grey
Class 158 EMT
Class 323 WMR
Class 323 Northern


Please note, if you notice any displays aren't changed, make sure this mod is loading first.
You can do this by adding an extra ! at the start of the .pak name.


UPDATE (20/10/2023)
Fixed an issue with the Glossop 323 that caused the floor to ignore feet.
Fixed an issue with the Glossop 323 having a flashing taillight under the seat.

TSW4 UPDATE (04/10/2023)
Added a temporary version for TSW4.
Mods are still very patchy on TSW4 so you may encounter some issues.
Please do let me know if you do, and keep an eye out for any essential updates as DTG fixes things.

Thankfully, the Azuma already has orange PIS, so hopefully this trend continues and this mod will become a thing of the past!

UPDATE (17/07/2023)
Fixed the remaining boards on both 375s, all boards are now orange.
Fixed the remaining boards on the 700, all boards are now orange.

UPDATE (15/07/2023)
Small update just to ensure compatibility with my 465 Better PIS mod.

Tags: bugfix class-158 class-323 class-375 class-395 class-465 class-700 fix orange pis yellow


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TSW4 Version

!!Laika-OrangeUKPIS.pak 586 KB · Added 17 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 1,141×

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 813 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 13 Jul 2023

BASED Mod thank you!

Avatar of Boa
Boa 13 Jul 2023


Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 14 Jul 2023

Yay! Always wanted orange pis!

Avatar of haverknol
haverknol 24 Jul 2023

Thanks for this mod, makes it look way prettier! :) I did notice tho that for the 700 (haven't checked this on the other ones) the PIS on the side of the train only becomes orange on the first and last coach, but stays yellow on the other ones :/

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 15 Aug 2023

I'm using this latest version on the Steam version of the game and have noticed that the destination displays along the side of the class 700 are still showing in the default yellow colour. The displays on the ends of the 700 and on the side of the first and last coaches are showing in orange though.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 4 Oct 2023

Good job !

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