Class 375/9 Better PIS

  • by Aran and Laika
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This mod improves the default font for both the Blue and the White/Grey Class 375-9.

All the PIS boards have been edited to use different fonts and have also been scaled to make them look more realistic.
I've made some adjustments to the scroll timing as well, still looking at improvements but I thought I'd upload it for the time being.

I've also adjusted the colour of the PIS to be the correct orange instead of the default TSW3 yellow.
But, as with my 465 PIS mod I've included a default yellow version if you so wish.

Either version of this pack will be fully compatible with my UK Orange PIS mod.

As usual, let me know in the discord if you spot any problems or have any suggestions!

MAJOR UPDATE (23/12/2023)
With a big thanks to Profile picture of Aran Aran , there are now various fixes and improvements to further the authenticity of the PIS.
Take a look at the changes below

  • Added "Calling at" to the side display
  • Removes the final destination in the Calling at list on the side display
  • Made the text on the interior screen significantly taller to stop it from being so squished in the top part of the screen
  • Replaced the Static Destination with the Service Information and re-wrote the Service Information and the Safety Message based on real-life references on the interior display

TSW4 UPDATE (04/10/2023)
Added a temporary version for TSW4.
Mods are still very patchy on TSW4 so you may encounter some issues.
Please do let me know if you do, and keep an eye out for any essential updates as DTG fixes things.

Big thanks to Aran from making me aware, the original version of this mod ended up changing the PIS font on a few of the german trains which caused various place names/characters not to be displayed.
The latest version fixes this issue and it should no longer be a problem!

Please note that the three exclamation marks at the start of the file are ESSENTIAL to allow the fix and the mod to work.


Installation Instructions

Just put in your DLC folder.

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!!!Aran+Laika-Class375-BetterPIS-DefaultYellow-TSW4.pak 48 KB · Added 23 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 200×

Default Yellow PIS - TSW4

!!!Aran+Laika-Class375-BetterPIS-DefaultYellow.pak 48 KB · Added 23 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 82×

Default Yellow PIS - TSW3

!!!Aran+Laika-Class375-BetterPIS-Orange-TSW4.pak 230 KB · Added 23 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 693×

Orange PIS - TSW4

!!!Aran+Laika-Class375-BetterPIS-Orange.pak 230 KB · Added 23 Dec 2023 · Downloaded 112×

Orange PIS - TSW3

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 4 Oct 2023

Good job !

Avatar of Crumbled
Crumbled 15 Nov 2023

It doesnt work for TSW4 as stated, it still bugs and removes it from the trains selection.

Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 24 Dec 2023

Correct... Brings lots of issues with all the same mods with PIS from yesterday

Avatar of acro
acro 26 Dec 2023

Glad to see this has been updated! Any chance of this being done for the 377 as it also uses the same disgusting font as the default 375?

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23 Dec 2023
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Better PIS on UK Trains
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