Midland Mainline Route Enhancement Pack




Welcome to our Midland Mainline Enhancement Pack - the biggest pack we've made to this date! We hope you thoroughly enjoy this mod.

A special thanks to Muff and Will for providing access to the unofficial editor.

Important information - for anyone experiencing any of these issues listed below, please download 'MML Player Feedback.rar' which has been provided below in the download section:

  • HST too pixelated?
  • 158 Window pixelated?
  • Creators Club Liveries not appearing on the MK3's?

The player feedback file will fix all of the above issues.

Inside the zip file, you will find a few different paks. Please read the readme inside the zip file to find detailed information, as to what these pak files do.

A full list of changes and improvements can be found below:


  • Cab gauge light brightness and colour completely edited to be more realistic and truer to life
  • Cab Light colour has been given an orange hue per the real thing, and lighting levels altered appropriately
  • Saloon and Vestibule lighting on the Mk3’s has been dimmed significantly. Light colour has been warmed to be more prototypical. Light bleed onto the carriage structure has been reduced to imperceptible levels as a result
  • Male and Female uniforms reskinned to match the real uniform as closely as possible within the confines of the model used
  • Sound attenuation improved - Can hear the horn and engine sounds from further away, can hear joints across the points without needing to stand right next to them
  • Slight weathering and reduction to the overly-reflective exterior
  • Optional cab camera fix - raised seating position by 10cm
  • Material fixes
  • Retextured and slightly weathered cab
  • New slam-door sound set
  • Updated headlight visuals

Class 158

  • Male and Female uniforms reskinned to match the real uniform as closely as possible within the confines of the model used
  • Sound attenuation improved - Can hear the horn and engine sounds from further away, can hear joints across the points without needing to stand right next to them
  • Slight weathering and reflectivity reduction
  • Window tint added across the unit
  • Material fixes
  • Internal cab & saloon weathering
  • New higher resolution decals for signage and stickers
  • Updated cab button colours


  • Various shipping containers have been reskinned and giving branding
  • Dumpster bin added detail
  • Grit Bin added Grit logo
  • Port-a-Cabin added graffiti & weathering
  • All skips have added detail and branding
  • New era & area appropriate station posters (including blank wooden board)
  • Realistic vending machine
  • New advertising billboards
  • Trucks have added branding
  • Excavator has weathering and branding
  • Van has a completely new, custom Network Rail reskin
  • Significant additions to trackside foliage. This works best when the UK Route Vegetation and Grass EP is used as well, as this all but eliminates issues with draw distance as well as giving better, denser foliage, realistic colours and better grass
  • Cable trunking added across the whole route
  • Clutter and rail infrastructure added route-wide
  • Extra yard lighting and fencing
  • Etches Park overhauled with elements from GWE, including working train washes
  • Trent Viaduct fix (where original is incorrectly hollow under the arches, now has an interior)
  • Ratcliffe Power Station given entirely new, realistic textures. Smoke improved and LODs increased significantly meaning it is now visible from much further away
  • Real-world logos added to iconic buildings including the Brush works at Loughborough and the station sign at East Midlands Parkway
  • Ballast colour(s) changed across the whole route to reflect the real world
  • Where they could be identified, various missing speed limit signs and whistle-boards added
  • Inappropriate Gas Storage Tank at Mount Sorrel removed and replaced with a structure more representative of a grain silo
  • Some buffer-stops added in places that require them
  • Various buildings changed across the route, for example the over-sized signal box approaching the platforms at Derby not represented by stacked Port-a-Cabins
  • Brand new signal and gantry visuals
  • More realistic signal light colour, brightness & glow
  • Updated station lighting with realistic colour temperature for each power station
  • Updated station signage and safety notices with corrected fonts and higher resolution textures
  • EMT branded signage at depots

Last Minute Additions

  • Further enhancements to the Power Station, including turbine room.
  • Custom pylons (with wires) running in and around the station
  • Lighting in and around Nottingham station greatly enhanced, approaching the station at night is now much more realistic and satisfying
  • Missing prototypical lights between platforms 6 & 7 added
  • Static GSM-R texture added the defunct unit in the HST
  • Further enhancements to the sound attenuation of both units including brake hiss etc.


  • Midland Mainline route DLC
  • Peak Forest route DLC for enhanced foilage (not required to make the main E.P mod work if you do not own it)
  • UK Route Vegetation & Grass EP (not required to make the main E.P mod work if you do not own it)

Installation Instructions

To install, simply download from the link and place the .pak inside your DLC folder, located at: ...steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Additional Comments

Although not specifically required for this mod to work, the Peak Forest route DLC is highly recommended to experienced enhanced foilage visuals

The UK Route Vegetation & Grass E.P is also highly recommended to be downloaded alongside this mod, which can be found here

The driver cam pak raises the camera height slighly whilst sitting in the cab of the HST. This is optional and is up to personal choice. It isn't a requirement to make the mod work

For Profile picture of JetWash JetWash ini guide, this can be found here

Tags: class-158 class-43 east-midlands-trains emt londonmidland midland-mainline mml


!MML_HSTdrivercam.pak 84 KB · Added 26 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 782× !TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-MMLEnhancementPack.pak 353 MB · Added 26 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 1,576× MML Player feedback.rar 44 MB · Added 27 Jul 2023 · Downloaded 455×


Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 26 Jul 2023

Truly a game changer!! Thank you for this EP! Bought the MML as soons as I saw this was in development. A must have, especially if you have the vegetation EP as well.

Avatar of pepe43007
pepe43007 27 Jul 2023

Thank you sooooo muh

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 28 Jul 2023

Thank for bring enhanced pack.
Now we waiting enhanced pack for peak forest route.

Avatar of JetWash
JetWash 28 Jul 2023

There is one already!

Avatar of JBViper
JBViper 9 Aug 2023

Great mod. Thank you all for your time for the community.

Avatar of IsambardKingdomBrunel

Muchos appreciatos, nice work.

Avatar of Gerardgeek
Gerardgeek 21 Oct 2023

Hi Great work thank you.

I have installed the patch to TSW3. However can I also install to TSW4 and if so do I just (as well as installing to TSW3) add the .pak file to?

steamapps\common\Train Sim World 4\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

Many thanks

Avatar of Bescot
Bescot 21 Oct 2023

Not currently working in TSW4 unfortunately. The mod will crash the game due to DTG changing the way materials work.

Avatar of Gerardgeek
Gerardgeek 21 Oct 2023

OK cheers - thanks for the quick response :)

Avatar of Mr C
Mr C 23 Nov 2023

Hi, Any chance this will be updated to work with TSW4...?

Avatar of londonmidland
londonmidland 27 Nov 2023

Unfortunately route mods do not currently work properly for TSW 4, so not at the moment. Keep a look out for further updates.

Avatar of Omonyo
Omonyo 14 Dec 2023

Hi. May you please tell me if this mod (and its bespoke fixes) is still working with the MML TSW3 update pushed today? It seems it could conflict with some of the features mentioned by SkyHook in their change list. Thanks.

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 14 Dec 2023

The bespoke fixes currently do not work at the moment, there is an updated version of this EP available here:


Avatar of Omonyo
Omonyo 14 Dec 2023

Many thanks for your soon response. Does the updated version work with TSW3? It's tagged TSW4 only...

Avatar of Omonyo
Omonyo 14 Dec 2023

Tested it. Crashes TSW3 on game launch, sadly, because it was a really great mod. Will try the TSW3 version without fixes. Many thanks anyway! Your work is astounding!

Avatar of Omonyo
Omonyo 15 Dec 2023

Tested the TSW3 version without bespoke fixes. Sadly doesn't work properly now with the updated MML. Thanks.

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